Dr. Giuseppe Maria

Surgeon, specializing in Thoracic Surgery, expert in Diagnostics and Endoscopic Surgery

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery, obtaining a specialization in Thoracic Surgery at the Institute of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the University of Messina with honors.

Expert in Diagnostics and Endoscopic Surgery with many years of experience at the National Cancer Institute of Milan (INT).

In his career, he focused on various topics, including the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects applied in the endoscopic field both for the gastroenterological and respiratory districts, performing about 17,000 diagnostic procedures and about 6,300 operative ones.

He currently carries out his activities at Columbus Clinic Center and Image Regenerative Clinic in Milan, where he practices Endoscopic diagnostics applied to Gastroenterology, with the possible integration of Regenerative Medicine.


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