Regenerative Clinic

The first Italian Regenerative Clinic.
Regenerative medicine, from reconstructive surgery to the latest regenerative aesthetic treatments.

Every single cell is the basic unit of living things
(Cell theory by M. Schleiden and T. Schwann).
A cell under the microscope is the leitmotiv we chose to underline the focus of the clinic: science, medicine, research.

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The clinic

One thousand square meters, across two levels, in the heart of Milan.
A space where the client’s needs meet the expertise of our medical staff. Our goal is the conquest and consolidation of energy and individual health.

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a new regenerative line

Drawing on the experience of Image Regenerative Clinic and the Vision of Professor Carlo Tremolada, the first regenerative cosmetic line allowing you to bring home our clinic’s expertise was born.

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The team
A team of professionals led by the scientific direction of Professor Carlo Tremolada, with the widest expertise in all aspects of Regenerative Medicine.

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All scientific updates, international news on treatments, the latest trends in products, equipment and machinery, but not only: a real Regenerative Journal.