Carbon peel

What it solves

Enlarged pores

Impure skin

The Carbon Peel Laser is a non-invasive, painless and side-effect free medical treatment which, by combining the power of the 1064 nm Q-Switch Laser with a specific formulation of liquid charcoal, exfoliates the epidermis, empties and tightens enlarged pores, reduces sebum and makes the skin texture smooth and luminous.

Suitable for everyone, Carbon Peel is particularly suitable for patients with combination or oily skin, with dilated pores, blackheads, and dull complexion.

How Carbon Peel works

Carbon Peel Laser treatment develops in three steps:

  • Initially, a thin layer of liquid charcoal is applied to the face, the black color of which serves as an artificial exogenous chromophore.
  • The first real step involves the use of the 1064 nm wavelength laser FR to ensure that the water molecules of the coal combine with the water molecules present at the level of surface debris, dead cells and the excess sebum inside the pores. The thermal effect generated in this phase determines the contraction of the collagen fibers, with a consequent reduction in the size of the pores.
  • Finally, the 1064 nm QSW wavelength, specific for the dark pigment, is absorbed by the carbon black, causing its complete destruction and the consequent removal of the dead cells, sebum and impurities to which it was bound. The skin appears less opaque, brighter and more compact.

Carbon Peel results

After a session with Carbon Peel Laser, pores will be reduced, the skin luminous and compact, the texture improved.

This treatment has been renamed Red Carpet Peel precisely because, by improving the firmness and texture of the skin, it gives it that Red Carpet luminosity loved by actresses.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Carbon Peel Laser treatment is recommended for those with dull and/or particularly oily skin.

Problems solved

Carbon Peel Laser is used to treat acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, dull complexion.


Any age.




30/40 minutes.

Sessions and frequency

At every change of season. In case of oily skin, at the discretion of the doctor.


Immediately after Carbon Peel, Image Regenerative Clinic specialists recommend a session of Hydrafacial Express to eliminate any carbon residues and amplify the results.


Image team performs treatments with Carbon Peel Laser at our clinic center in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of Carbon Peel Laser treatments. The material related to previously treated cases allows you to evaluate examples of results according to specific requirements.


View the Carbon Peel prices on our pricing page, or fill out the form to request information.

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