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Specific treatments to counteract cellulite problems consist of a series of medical methodologies, from a nutritional program to injection and laser treatments. The protocol starts with an in-depth examination of the personal situation, so as to intervene specifically on reducing localized fat and silhouette remodeling.

Cellulite, the number one enemy

Cellulite is the common term to indicate the topographical manifestation of the skin associated with skin depressions or introflections in the areas of the hips, buttocks, legs and abdomen, sometimes even the arms. In scientific terms, it is called edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy.

The phenomenon can also occur in association with nodules in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, as well as with an inflammatory state.

Cellulite has three stages, each of which is classified with a technical name:

  • Edematous: this is the reversible stage, characterized by liquid stagnation. It does not have the appearance of the so-called orange peel skin.
  • Fibrous: it is characterized by orange peel skin and small skin depressions, associated with capillary fragility – a symptom of an inflammatory state. This type of cellulite is considered pathological. With constant and targeted treatment programs, it can be treated to obtain partial reversibility and attenuation of the unaesthetic aspects.
  • Sclerotic: this is the most serious stage, therefore the most difficult to treat. It is often painful, especially due to the nodules in the subcutaneous tissue that characterize it, and cause a noticeable retraction of the skin, on which the “mattress” effect is evident. The skin feels cold to the touch. The only solution for this stage is surgery: treatments can certainly mitigate the problem, but not solve it.

Remedies against cellulite in aesthetic medicine

Image Regenerative Clinic suggests different protocols that, along with the patient’s commitment, lead to real results. One of the first requirements for eliminating cellulite is the identification of its causes by the specialist. The reasons why cellulite appears can be multiple and varying in nature. They can be pathological, or caused by diseases of various kinds (for example genetic, since heredity is an important factor). There can also be environmental reasons, linked to factors depending on age, weight and an individual’s personal situation (for example a bad diet, periods of particular stress, hormonal fluctuations).

Aesthetic medicine treatments to eliminate cellulite

Cellulite must be treated with broad-spectrum methods: mesotherapy, cryolipolysis with the exclusive CoolSculpting procedure (dissolution of fatty deposits), lasers (to correct stretch marks and orange peel skin marks) and microinfiltrations of hyaluronic acid (ideal for correcting any skin irregularities, especially in the buttocks and culotte de cheval areas).

Specific treatments against cellulite

The anti-cellulite treatment par excellence is certainly massage, which offers immediate well-being, stimulating endorphins and circulation.
At Image Regenerative Clinic, anti-cellulite massages are generally performed with Piroche essential oils that are specifically designed for this problem. Furthermore, the experience and excellent dexterity of the therapists who work in the clinic allow them to combine different techniques, customizing them to fit any patient’s need.

Among the various massages, the following are particularly effective:

  • Vodder lymphatic drainage massage;
  • haemolymphatic massage by Menarini;
  • multidisciplinary personalized massages.

There are also different anti-cellulite treatments of advanced aesthetic medicine that are carried out with specific equipment.
The most effective solution is always a tailored synergy between different techniques.
In the foreground they are:

  • shock waves, a universally recognized anti-inflammatory treatment that treats all stages of cellulite in a targeted way, this being a real inflammation;
  • body diathermy and, more specifically, capacitive diathermy for edematous cellulite and resistive diathermy for the fibrous and sclerotic stages;
  • custom Kllod package;
  • body cupping therapy, especially if included in the exclusive Image “Rebalance Your Body” protocol, which combines futuristic bioresonance with cupping sessions with the Lymphodrainer machine.

The anti-cellulite protocols of aesthetic medicine for the body that prove to be very useful:

For the most difficult cases, surgery is required. Professor Carlo Tremolada and his team examine patients with surgical needs and, if deemed necessary, suggest liposuction, with incisions aimed at breaking the fibrous bundles that create the “mattress skin”.

Quali sono gli effetti delle onde d'urto sulla cellulite?

Le onde d’urto, grazie alla loro azione meccanica, riescono a stimolare il rimodellamento della matrice extracellulare favorendo la produzione di collagene ed elastina e andando a indurre un ringiovanimento cutaneo.
Il risultato è una riduzione significativa del classico aspetto “a buccia d’arancia” nella zona trattata e una pelle che risulterà più compatta ed elastica.

In combinazione con tecniche di mesoterapia antilipodistrofica o con ossigeno-ozono terapia, le onde d’urto sono efficaci anche nella riabilitazione del microcircolo.

La differenza tra le due tecniche è che la mesoterapia agisce da un punto di vista biochimico sulla qualità del tessuto adiposo e sulla riduzione del grasso localizzato, mentre l’ossigeno ozono terapia agisce sul microcircolo che risulta essere alterato in patologie quali la cellulite.

È consigliato eseguire le sedute, meglio se associate onde d’urto e mesoterapia/ossigeno-ozono terapia, con una certa regolarità, meglio se 2 volte a settimana per almeno 10-12 sedute.

La filosofia rigenerativa di Image si sposa con questo tipo di tecnica in quanto soprattutto con l’ossigeno ozonoterapia si va a riabilitare la microcircolazione. Quindi è possibile ottenere un beneficio funzionale alle gambe, oltre a quello prettamente estetico, avendo altri benefici come, ad esempio, quello di avere una sensazione di gambe più leggere.

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