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Each person can tend to develop fat deposits in different anatomical areas, localized adiposities that create an imbalance in the aesthetic harmony of the silhouette, regardless of the sex or age of the individual.
Fat deposits have a different nature if the affected patient is a man or a woman and, for this reason, the treatments for localized adiposity are diverse. They can be surgical or non-surgical.

How to eliminate localized fat

The most immediate solution to eliminate localized fat deposits is liposuction surgery, which sucks up the fat from exactly where it has accumulated.

Among the non-surgical treatments for the reduction of localized fat, there are specific highly effective technologies:

  • CoolSculpting, a cryolipolysis that allows treatment of fatty residues effectively and painlessly all over the body, especially those where fat accumulates persistently;
  • Kllod Method, an exclusive Image Regenerative Clinic protocol that offers a targeted synergy for both adiposity and cellulite;
  • specific injections such as mesotherapy and ozone therapy.

Furthermore, as an adjuvant or preparatory treatment for surgery, massage is always recommended (lymphatic drainage and cupping therapy).

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