Kotz waves

Created in the 1970s by Y. M. Kotz, from whom it takes its name, the Kotz current is a medium-frequency sinusoidal current used to tone up normally innervated muscles.

What Kotz waves are for

The use of Kotz waves began in the sports field with the 1976 Montreal Olympics, when they were used by Soviet athletes to strengthen muscles and improve their performance, but they are still much loved by athletes and sportsmen who want to improve their body plasticity.

In the aesthetic field, Kotz waves are very effective for toning muscle – not only for athletes themselves or for those who want to keep fit, but also for menopausal women who tend to lose muscle mass, for all those who lead a sedentary life, and for the elderly or those who cannot move to avoid atrophy.

How Kotz waves work

During the session with Kotz waves, flat “box” supports are positioned all over the body containing both the LED diffusers (154 LED diodes for each box for a total of 1848 high power LED diodes), and the conductive electrodes of steel.

The LEDs warm up the muscle just like during an effective gymnastic warm-up; the electrodes that allow the passage of the Kotz current cause its contraction in real induced gymnastics, the intensity of which changes according to the chosen program.

Benefits of Kotz waves in aesthetics

  • Body shaping
  • Muscle toning
  • Improved posture (as a result of muscle strengthening especially in areas such as the back and shoulders)

The Kotz waves, conveyed thanks to a machine called Slimming, allow for a remodeling of the figure and a better muscle plasticity at a deep level.

The treatment is often carried out in combination with the Lipolaser, or Lipolytic Laser, which, by activating the lipase, guarantees a significant reduction of localized fat. These two advanced aesthetic treatments can be performed together or individually depending on the patient’s needs.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Kotz waves are indicated in cases of forced inactivity due to trauma, accidents or immobilizing pathologies; in menopause, to support the skeleton and prevent problems related to osteoporosis. It is recommended in all cases of muscular hypotonia and atrophy, even when due to a sedentary lifestyle, and also to improve the aesthetic body plasticity.

Problems handled

Lack of muscle tone, laxity, hollow skin on the stomach, buttocks, inner thighs, arms, incorrect posture.


Any age.


Non-invasive – electrodes and LEDs – induced gymnastics.


50 minutes.

Number of session and frequency

6-8 sessions once a week or less, as needed.


Drink plenty of water to help eliminate fluids.


Image team performs electrostimulation with Kotz waves in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of electrostimulation with Kotz waves treated cases. This material allows to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


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