Perfectly drawn and thickened eyebrows, even when you are at the beach, get out of bed in the morning, or even during intense physical activity. This is precisely the goal of microblading, a tattoo technique that allows you to draw microhairs between the hairs.

Execution of the microblading permanent makeup

After establishing the shape, color and intensity you want to obtain in your eyebrows, the microblading expert identifies the most similar nuances to your natural hair. Then, with a tool similar to a pen, inserts the pigment in the desired areas through micro-incisions. These are carried out thanks to very thin disposable blades – hence the term micro, i.e. tiny blade – used to “draw” the missing hairs, giving shape, color and volume to the eyebrows.
At Image, where the natural appearance of the result is the philosophy of the clinic, the expert in permanent eyebrow makeup uses an even smaller blade than the one generally used, so as to ensure a more faithful reproduction of real hair.

During the first days after the session, scabs form on the eyebrows (exactly as big as the drawn hair). They will disappear naturally within a week.
After complete healing, when the skin has completely restored, a review is performed to ensure absolute uniformity.
The latest generation pigments allow you to create shading, and that effect, defined as 6D, is very effective and natural, even in the total absence of fluff.

Permanent eyebrows makeup results

Unlike the classic eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyebrow makeup with microblading gives an ultra-realistic and incredibly natural effect. This technique, in fact, provides for the accurate reproduction of each individual hair by introducing biocompatible and bioabsorbable pigments directly into the skin.

The result of permanent eyebrow makeup is precisely a hair-on-hair effect, which thickens and reshapes the eyebrows, without weighing them down and without filling them in an artificial way: thanks to the thickening, the frame of the face is improved and perfect at any time of the day.

Very appreciated by VIPs and celebs from all over the world, permanent eyebrow makeup with microblading is also in great demand among men.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Problems handled

Permanent eyebrow makeup is a process for obtaining well-groomed and defined eyebrows, or for creating a new eyebrow arch where it has become thinner, but also to thicken the eyebrows and get more volume.


Any age and at any time of the year (parental consent is required for minors).




Two hours.

Number of session and frequency

2 sessions every 30 days; touch-up once a year.


Avoid sun exposure, especially if permanent eyebrow makeup is performed during the summer months; in case of taking anticoagulant drugs, suspend the administration for a couple of days before, in agreement with your doctor, to avoid bleeding; avoid chemical peels; avoid treatment during pregnancy, during chemotherapy, in case of dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.


Image team performs microblading in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of microblading and permanent eyebrow makeup. The material related to previously treated cases allows to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


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Can you wash your face after microblading?

Yes, you can wash your face after a microblading session, but for the seven days following the treatment, the part treated must be cleaned using a special cleanser. It is important not to touch or rub the area, avoid applying cosmetic creams, make-up, cleansing milk or Vaseline, using only the indicated cream.

In microblading, the skin is incised very superficially with a tool called a microblade pen, which creates tiny cuts similar to a single hair. A pigment is inserted inside each microincision and draws the hair itself but which, with the normal exfoliation of the epidermis, tends to disappear within one/two years. In tattooing, on the other hand, even the one that recreates the hair-by-hair effect, the skin is permanently pigmented and, even if the color will tend to fade over time, it will still remain forever.

The first microblading session lasts about two and a half hours: the drawing and any corrections by the patient as well as the choice of color, take some time. For retouching after a month, on the other hand, an hour and a half is sufficient time.

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