Pure Facial

Here’s another exclusive treatment from Image Regenerative Clinic. Pure Facial is a purifying facial treatment that focuses on some specific blemishes: acne, excess sebum, redness – especially the one related to acne rosacea.

Three phases to purify the skin of your face

Pure Facial acne treatment consists of three phases:

  • First phase: Regenerative Thermoionization (Plasma). Plasma is the latest generation technology for bioregenerating and deep biostimulating the skin, to counteract imperfections, aging and blemishes. The ablative action of the ozone creates an exfoliation thanks to a specific handpiece. The result is a selective vaporization of the superficial layer of the epidermis, but also a preparation of the skin for the in-depth delivery of specific active ingredients. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of ozone prove particularly effective to counteract rosacea or hormonal acne.
  • Second phase: this is a soothing and anti-inflammatory step to fight redness and purify the skin. The oxygen concentrator allows ionized water and oxygen to be carried to the area needing treatment, through an airbrush.
  • Third phase: an astringent, lightening and detoxifying final step, white clay allows you to deeply cleanse pores, narrowing them, and fighting acne.

The purifying treatment for the face can be customized according to personal requirements. The skin is brighter, with a consequent decrease in acne redness and sebum.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Pure Facial is ideal as a purifying treatment for the face in case of impure, acne-prone, oily and reddened skin.

Problems handled

Acne, rosacea, severe acne, excess sebum.


Any age and at any time of the year.




60 minutes.

Session and frequency

4-6 sessions depending on the extent of the problem. The first four sessions should be taken once a week, then one a month, or according to the suggestions of the doctor/therapist.


Apply a full screen sunscreen.


Image team performs Pure Facial purifying facial treatment in Milan.


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