Rebalance Your Body

Rebalance Your Body is an innovative exclusive protocol from Image Regenerative Clinic, combining bioresonance and cupping therapy.

What is our detoxinant body treatment for?

The goal of this detoxifying treatment is to purify and guarantee well-being in a broad sense, thanks to work on the body’s meridian channels and on specific points related to the corresponding organ. In other words, this treatment will rebalance, drain and allow the energy to flow without stagnation, which not only promotes fat deposits and cellulite, but, in the long run, can also compromise your health.

How the detox treatment is carried out

This treatment consists of a bioenergetic massage based on the synergy between bioresonance and cupping therapy.

  • Bioresonance: latest generation biomedical machinery based on the concept of quantum physics. Information is transmitted to the body through electromagnetic waves (hertz), in order to restore cellular balance, stimulate the regenerative capacity of the tissues, and increase the self-healing process. Thanks to its over 2,000 programs, this device is able to rebalance a considerable number of issues, including metabolic-hormonal ones that lead to fat deposits, cellulite, water retention and weight loss difficulties.
  • Cupping Therapy: an old technique imported from the Orient. In its most evolved version, it is a precious healing bio-energetic massage, performed thanks to various glass cups connected to the Lymphodrainer machine, which creates rhythmic suction and decompression. This massage procedure was created to relax and decontract, but it is also very effective in draining and detoxifying. This is why it proves to be very suitable in cases of cellulite and water retention, often giving immediate results to the mattress leg-orange-peel effect.

The Rebalance Your Body protocol

During the session, the patient undergoes bioresonance and concurrently cupping.

The maximum effectiveness of this synergy provides that the bioresonance works on the organ or on the problem from the inside, while the glass cup from outside, in a targeted manner on the meridian and energy channels.

The protocol also provides for kinesiological tests to evaluate which substances, including foods, heavy metals, mites and pollens, inflame the body.

The synergy of the two techniques creates a state of psychophysical well-being already during the session itself. The result of the detox treatment is the reduction of swelling and water retention (especially in the legs), the stimulation of diuresis, the general purification of the organism, the slimming and stimulation of the metabolism, the rediscovered well-being in case of pre and post-menopause, deep relaxation, and general well-being.

In summary

For whom it appropriate

Rebalance Your Body is recommended for those persons suffering water retention, swelling, cellulite and orange-peel skin, heaviness, exhaustion, slowed metabolism, weight loss difficulties, insomnia and intestinal problems.

Problems handled

Water retention, swelling, heaviness, cellulite, energy blocks, weight loss difficulties, insomnia, problems related to menopause and intestinal dysbiosis.


Any age.


Non-invasive – bioenergetic massage.


60 minutes.

Number of sessions and frequency

At least 5-6 sessions, once a week.


Drink plenty of water to help eliminate excess liquids and toxins.


Image team performs the bioenergetic detox massage (also for the face) in Milan.


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