Tone Up your Face

A state-of-the-art Image Regenerative Clinic protocol for scientific face-care.

What is Tone Up treatment

Tone Up is a toning treatment, with an immediate and progressive lifting effect, focused above all on counteracting the loss of tone around the face, neck and décolleté, but also dull complexion and wrinkles. Tone Up is an exclusive Image Regenerative Clinic treatment, considered the non-surgical face lift par excellence.

Benefits of Tone Up

Tone Up Your Face mixes the bioregeneration and biostimulation of the epidermis in sequence: after the first non-invasive phase of exfoliation, fibroblasts are deeply stimulated to produce new collagen. It is a scientific protocol to effectively smooth surface wrinkles, reduce ‘barcode’ lines and tone the whole face, both by adding luminosity and by firming the contours in a non-surgical face lift.

Tone Up for face firming

The Tone Up treatment is particularly indicated for:

  • delicate and dynamic areas such as the ‘barcode’ (perioral mimic lines) and for the treatment of the forehead and glabellar lines (area between the eyebrows);
  • side contour of the eyes (it allows to counteract periocular mimic wrinkles);
  • acne scars, micro-wrinkles, stretch marks;
  • increasing skin tone and luminosity.

How Tone Up works

The Tone Up treatment represents a new protocol from Image Regenerative Clinic: a perfect synergy of two cutting-edge technologies which, assisted by a mix of active ingredients conveyed in the deepest part of the dermis, achieve excellent results.

  • First phase: Regenerative Thermoionization (Plasma) handpiece. Plasma is the latest generation technology aimed at superficial bioregeneration and deep biostimulation of the skin, to counteract aging and blemishes. The handpiece generates an exfoliation produced by the ablative action of ozone which determines a triple effect: selective vaporization of the superficial layer of the epidermis, firming, and preparation of the skin for the in-depth delivery of specific active ingredients.
  • Second phase: it is the real radiofrequency which, causing a contraction of the collagen fibers of the dermis, stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new ones. The circular handpiece used in this step follows the anti-gravity vectors, referring to mathematical models (Fibonacci spirals), for an immediate non-surgical facelift, visible right away and progressive over time. The delivery of specific active ingredients into the deep layers of the dermis (always based on individual needs), optimizes the results.
  • Third phase: massage and moisturizing mask for deep hydration. Thanks to a skillful massage, a moisturizing vial or a vitamin vial is applied to the face, followed by a non-woven hyaluronic acid mask, for an even more complete result.

The Tone Up treatment allows you to achieve excellent results, including a more compact skin tone, redesigned and relaxed facial contours, and a progressive lifting effect.

Customized face toning treatment

Image Regenerative Clinic team customizes the Tone Up treatment according to the patient’s specific needs. For a progressive and long-lasting lifting effect, the program includes approximately a minimum of 4 sessions every 10 days.

To further improve the performance of this toning facial treatment, Tone Up can be integrated with three sessions of PRX T-33, a deep peeling, ideal for a young and fresh effect, also for the area around the eyes.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

For those patients who want to improve the contours of their face with an immediate lifting effect. Many surgery-averse patients choose this as a non-surgical alternative to a face lift.

Problems handled

Perioral, periocular and glabellar wrinkles; acne and other skin blemishes.


Any age and at any time of the year.


Non-invasive (exfoliation and radiofrequency).


75 minutes approximately.

Number of sessions and frequency

4 sessions every 10 days. One maintenance session every month.


Avoid direct sun exposure in the week after the treatment and apply a full screen sunscreen.


Image team performs the Tone Up treatment (non-surgical facelift) in Milan.


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