Hooked nose

Also called a hump, the bump on the bridge of the nose, which so frequently creates aesthetic discomfort, is generally a hereditary trait of congenital origins.
In some cases, it can instead form following some trauma, such as a rupture of the septum.

Even if it sometimes gives character to the face, presenting itself as an excessive protrusion on the nasal ridge, this feature often leads to the desire for a gentler nose, especially when associated with alterations in the respiratory function.

Treatments to remove a nose hump

There are two solutions for the correction of a nose hump.

  • Rhinoplasty (or, alternatively, rhinoseptoplasty in case of septal deviation and other problems that affect breathing). They are both aesthetic-plastic surgery of the nose which respectively allow to modify its shape and size, intervening, in the event of rhinoseptoplasty, also on the restoration of respiratory functions.
  • Rhinofiller, a non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure, performed by injecting special hyaluronic acid fillers that are biocompatible and absorbable in 6 months, makes it possible to redesign the nose and obtain the desired shape.

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