From nevus to melanoma

Melanoma is a specific aggressive skin tumor that occurs when a benign nevus degenerates. Almost all benign moles are completely harmless: a very small part of them, however, can degenerate giving life to melanoma. This transformation generally occurs spontaneously, even if it is proven that external stresses such as exposure to UV rays tend to favor it.

How to prevent melanoma

The prevention of melanoma certainly starts from observation: the mapping of moles, especially for those subjects who have many and for light phototypes, is suggested by any dermatologist.
If the appearance of a mole changes or a new one appears, it is advisable to consult the specialist.
Timely diagnosis of suspicious or neoplastic lesions through periodic dermatological checks is essential.

Considering that numerous scientific studies have shown a close relationship between sun-bathing without adequate protection and melanoma, another means of prevention is to avoid excessive exposure, both to natural ultraviolet rays and to tanning lamps & beds (artificial ultraviolet rays).

Excessive exposure, in addition to being the first cause of skin aging, also favors the appearance of other skin tumors, for example basal cell and spinocellular carcinomas, which are found among people who have spent most of their life outdoors (farmers, construction workers and fishermen).

However, it is advisable to surgically remove any suspicious moles. The removal should be done by an experienced reconstructive surgeon with oncological experience. At Image Regenerative Clinic, Professor Carlo Tremolada places his renowned ability in this sense at the patient’s disposal. Each removal is followed by histological examination, in order to give the patient a safe evaluation.

Treatments for the prevention of melanoma

Surgical removal of any suspicious nevus with histological examination always remains the best option.

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