Integrated medicine

Image Regenerative Clinic center was born from the need to create a single, multifunctional and multidisciplinary centre, where you can find doctors and technicians of international excellence, along with the latest modern medical techniques, the most sophisticated studies of ancient medicine, and the most avant-garde equipment from all over the world.

Regeneration is in fact the new frontier in the conquest of global well-being, a concept that looks to the future with the scientific awareness that knowledge is transversal, and must be interpreted with a multifocal vision, capable of developing therapies and treatments tailored to each patient. Regenerative medicine operates in a contemporary perspective that transcends the momentary solution of a problem. Instead, it creates an articulated path in which we get to the root of the problem itself, and in which the most suitable synergistic solutions to solve it are also the most suitable ones to guarantee the highest quality of life for as long as possible.

Integrated regenerative medicine makes use of different forms of know-how, which intersect and interact in order to optimize results.

The specializations of each doctor, selected and directed by Professor Carlo Tremolada, ensure that the needs of the patients are analyzed, and – where realistically feasible – respected, achieving their objectives and always maintaining a harmonious balance between the individual and their wishes.

From the DNA test, which can act as a new scientific identity card that is able to reveal interesting and useful information about ourselves and our genetic makeup, but also provide us with information to help prevent many unknowns of life, to bioresonance, that connects the person’s hidden impulses with the outputs that their body manifests.

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