Regenerative Phlebotherapy

What is Regenerative Phlebotherapy

It is a therapy administered intravenously, also called the “longevity phleb”. These therapies and the consequent substances to be administered are decided by the doctor based on the patient’s needs, developing different protocols:

  • Hair Tonic Protocol
  • Anti-Age Protocol
  • Athlete Mood Support Protocol
  • Fat Detox Burning Protocol


In addition to acting on specific needs, Regenerative Phlebotherapy improves sleep quality, and as a side effect in men, it has been observed to counter premature ejaculation.


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Side effects

Possible allergies that need to be checked during the first medical visit.

In summary

Who is it for

Depending on the chosen protocol, regenerative phlebotomies are indicated for those who want to: improve scalp health, lose weight, accelerate muscle recovery, or fight oxygen free radicals responsible for aging.

Issues treated

Scalp thinning; slight weight gain; excessive fatigue after physical activity; oxygen free radicals responsible for aging.


Any age.


Injective – very small needle phlebotomy.


45 minutes.

Recommended Cycle

1 transfusion per week, repeated for 5 times.




The Image team performs Regenerative Phlebotherapy in Milan.


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