Regenerative phlebotherapy, T.R.A.P.

Regenerative phlebotherapy treatment for varicose veins, telangiectasias and capillaries.

The acronym T.R.A.P. stands for Three-Dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy.

Thanks to the regenerative effect of sodium salicylate, TRAP phlebotherapy reinforces and narrows the walls of the perforating and superficial veins in a completely natural way, offering successful recovery from venous pathology. TRAP is the only real cure for venous insufficiency because it treats the cause of the pathology (insufficiency of the perforating veins and a reduction in functional activity) and not just the effect, as traditional techniques instead do.

How TRAP works

The Three-Dimensional Regenerative Ambulatorial Phlebotherapy session consists of the injection of a sodium salicylate solution into the veins of the legs, which shrink and empty, losing their anti-aesthetic appearance.

From the very first T.R.A.P treatment, the patient feels an immediate well-being and a renewed lightness in the whole leg, in addition to the visible cancellation of blue veins and dilated capillaries on the calves, thighs, and sometimes even around the ankles and the inside of the foot.

The Regenerative Phlebotherapy treatment is also highly appreciated by male patients who, especially in the case of a sedentary lifestyle, may have problems of heaviness and slow circulation in their legs.

Results include improved circulation and appearance of the legs, clearer varicose veins and capillaries, relieved calves.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Three-Dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy is indicated in case of the problems mentioned below, but also in case of cellulite, because improving the circulation also improves this issue.

Problems solved

Varicose veins, spider veins, capillaries.


From 18 years onwards.


Injection – infiltrations of sodium salicylate and physiological solution.


It varies according to the area to be treated.

Sessions and frequency

The number of sessions required to solve the problem varies according to the area to be treated.


Wear post-treatment compression stockings and go for a check-up as advised by the specialist. Drink plenty of water to help diuresis.


Image team performs TRAP phlebotherapy treatment in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of Three-Dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy trated cases at Image Regenerative Clinic.


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