Regenerative Facelift: A Natural Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

Regenerative Facelift: A Natural Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

The philosophy of regenerative medicine could be summed up in one word: naturalness. Even in the face lift, it is possible to obtain natural and long-lasting results, respecting the anatomy and proportions of your face, rejuvenating the skin thanks to the regenerative cells and factors of the Lipogems system.

How is it possible for a facelift to be natural?
We talked about this with Professor Carlo Tremolada, Scientific Director of Image Regenerative Clinic and creator of the Lipogems system.

The signs of aging on the face depend on various factors: sun exposure damage, lifestyle, physiological loss of skin tone and volume, chronological age. If the early signs of aging are not addressed promptly with regenerative and biostimulant treatments and fillers, the skin may end up looking more aged than one’s actual age. This happens because the skin can naturally regenerate and repair itself until it can no longer repair cellular damage, and thus, aging becomes natural. However, regenerative medicine allows us to harness the body’s natural regeneration processes in a controlled manner: indeed, the concept of regeneration itself is not new to the organism, which already possesses mechanisms to repair and renew itself.

And when the skin can no longer repair itself, tissues sag, deep grooves and wrinkles form, and it may be necessary to intervene with a facelift, which, thanks to Lipogems regenerative medicine and surgery, changes shape and becomes regenerative.

Regenerative Facelift: What Are We Talking About?

In regenerative facelift, the same surgical procedure for the traditional facelift is combined with the Lipogems system. In practice, the procedure involves removing fat from unwanted areas through mini liposuction, which is then microfragmented and injected during the lifting procedure directly into the deep tissues of the face requiring rejuvenation. Used in combination with face and neck lifting, Lipogems can activate natural and long-lasting tissue regeneration, as well as minimizing post-facelift redness and swelling.
The results are long-lasting, because the Lipogems system is designed to preserve the regenerative capacity of adipose tissue for a long time and improve the quality and longevity of the results, in every operation used; and they are natural because Lipogems directs, like an orchestra conductor, the immune response that promotes the natural regeneration of tissues following damage, as occurs when one cuts themself. Moreover, the injected mesenchymal stem cells “guide” the tissues to promote healing and generate new tissue.

In terms of final results, the regenerative facelift combines the effects of surgical skin lifting of the face and neck with ongoing regenerative action, rejuvenating the skin and giving a naturally healthier, more rested, younger-looking face while respecting the facial features.

Fat cryopreservation: thinking ahead for future health

The fat collected with the Lipogems system can be cryopreserved for regenerative use in the first Italian Lipobank authorized by the National Transplant Center and the Emilia Romagna Regional Transplant Center.
Thanks to cryopreservation technology and thawing of adipose tissue, following the highest internationally certified safety and sterility standards (TUV), the fat preserves all its regenerative cells intact for up to 6 years from harvest.

During the regenerative facelift, a larger amount of fat can be withdrawn to be sent to the Lipobank, stored and used in the future for every regenerative use, from aesthetics to volumetric procedures, such as breast reconstructions, to the treatment of various pathologies and disorders. Every time a quantity of fat is requested from the “bank”, the tissue is thawed and subjected to control tests to guarantee the viability of the tissue.


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