Kllod Method

The KLLOD method was born from research by the Image Regenerative Clinic scientific team, a synergy of specific highly technological treatments whose goals are weight loss, increasing lean mass, remodeling the figure and reducing skin blemishes.


Technologies of the KLLOD method

It is the combination of four technologies (Kotz-Led, Laser, Shockwave and Diathermy – hence the name KLLOD). It allows you to obtain excellent and long-lasting results, with an achievement of the optimal body composition, supported by impedance analysis if necessary. The final outcome includes silhouette remodeling and muscle toning.

The synergy of the above-mentioned technologies (which can also be used individually) allows for multiple specific combinations. The treatment is exclusive to Image Regenerative Clinic, and is modulated to the patient’s specific needs.

What the KLLOD method consists of

Carried out by a team of highly specialized Image therapists, here are three very distinct and highly sought-after exemplary courses, for different personal objectives.

  • Slim & Tone: Slimming, Remodeling and Toning Program. This program is aimed at those who want to reshape their silhouette, but also tone and strengthen their muscles. It allows you to fight those much-hated blemishes such as localized fat deposits and skin laxity, which are difficult to eliminate with physical activity alone, even if associated with proper nutrition.
  • Drain & Tone: Anti-cellulite and Draining Program. This procedure is designed for women who want to reshape their silhouette and eliminate the feeling of heaviness and water stagnation. A real wellness and health journey, capable of combating widespread blemishes such as orange-peel skin and swelling, which are difficult to eliminate in the event of inflammation and lymphatic-circulatory deficit.
  • Keep Your Tone: Maintenance program. Keep Your Tone allows you to prolong the results achieved over time in the clinic, but also to keep an eye on your health and psychophysical well-being.

Image Regenerative Clinic body protocols with KLLOD Method use a mix of the most advanced technologies in a perfect synergy that optimizes their effects.

  • Kotz-Led waves: these are currents that act on muscle contraction, increasing lean body mass and basal metabolic rate. At the same time, they allow you to burn the fat released through the lasers and made available with the drainage thanks to induced muscle work. The latter also allows you to eliminate localized fat deposits without emptying the involved area, thanks to muscle toning compensation. The use of this technology in the long run gives a significant increase in the basal metabolic rate.
  • Lipolytic lasers: it is a technology that empties the fat cell through light, in order to reduce fat mass. It is in fact capable of activating lipase, the enzyme that splits triglycerides into much smaller molecules (fatty acids and glycerol). At the same time, it allows these micro molecules to be released from the temporary micropores created in the membranes of fat cells, thus permitting the emptying of the latter in the target areas.
  • Shockwaves: this is another high-performance technology that uses high-energy acoustic waves to disinflame the hypodermis and counteract cellulite in all its stages, stimulating the activation of natural biological repair processes. The use of different handpieces allows the reduction of accumulations of fat, the increase of cellular metabolism, the improvement of blood circulation and tissue trophism, as well as the reduction of inflammatory states.
  • Capacitive and resistive diathermy: using radio waves (radiofrequency), diathermy tones the tissues and acts on localized adiposity. It also contracts collagen fibers and stimulates the fibroblasts – those cells of the dermis that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The result is an immediate lifting effect and progressive tissue firming. Depending on the energy supplied, the chosen frequency and the handpiece used, this technology allows you to treat edematous and fibrous cellulite, localized fat deposits and sagging due to gravity, rapid weight loss or loss of subcutaneous tone.

The clinic offers further services, however also aimed at the improvement of the body – oxygen-ozone therapy, mesotherapy, blood transfusion, manual massages, dietary examination, bioresonance – which allow all patients to be able to reach their goals, under constant medical supervision at every stage of the process, without the stress and inconvenience of having to consult multiple specialists.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

The Kllod method is indicated to increase mass and redefine the silhouette, to eliminate cellulite and dissolve localized fat deposits, but also as an important weight loss process.

Problems handled

Localized fat, loss of tone, laxity and sagging, obesity, water retention, cellulite.


Any age and at any time of the year.




From 50 minutes up.

Number of sessions and frequency

Dependent on the imperfection and patient’s needs.



Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs treatments with the Kllod method in Milan.


It is possible to view before and after photos of Kllod treatments. The material related to previously treated cases allows you to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.

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