Timedsurgery (Technique for the Implementation of Measured Electrosurgical Data) is an aesthetic medicinal technique for the delivery of anti-aging biostimulants, or for minor dermatological surgery, for example the removal of minor condylomas, fibropapillomas and keratoses.

How Timed works

This treatment uses high-frequency alternating current by exploiting the electrical conductivity of the tissues. In particular, Timedsurgery uses a programmed current for minor dermatological surgery, for some vascular lesions and electroporation.

What Timed is for

Timed is used for all dermatological surgery (telangiectasias, keratoses, small fibro-papillomas, etc.), but also to reduce acne scars, to convey anti-aging actives and biostimulants with electroporation, or to remove unwanted hair left over from laser hair removal.

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