Lipogems® Beauty

Lipogems® System by Image Regenerative Clinic is the patent also used as a skin regeneration procedure. The Lipogems® technique, conceived by Prof. Tremolada, finds very useful applications for face and body treatments.

Lipogems® face

In skin rejuvenation treatments, Lipogems® system can be used as the development of lipofiller to increase vascular density and consequently tissue regeneration, starting from the dermis.
In particular, Lipogems® is successfully used in Face Contouring: microfractured regenerative adipose tissue is injected into targeted points of the face to correct or regenerate intermediate sagging or laxity resulting from the normal physiological process of skin aging – and to the relative loss of volume – or from possible weight loss.
Lipogems® guarantees real tissue rejuvenation, turgidity and compactness to the face, and therefore a younger and more rested appearance, right from the first moments following treatment.
More importantly, and parallel to what happens in reconstructive and orthopedic applications, the improvement is even more appreciable over time. It reaches its maximum efficacy after about 18/24 months, lasting for a long time (many years) with results being clinically evident in synergy with other aesthetic treatments (fillers, Botox, laser). Face Contouring is particularly appreciated by patients for the immediate return to social life, and for the immediately visible – but above all, long-lasting – results: if carried out with the Lipogems® method, the effects last for years, because the tissues do not stop regenerating. Its application to facelifts, blepharoplasty and orthognathic surgery is very useful, where the simultaneous use of Lipogems greatly decreases post-operative swelling, and accelerates social recovery (work by Prof. Raffaini and Prof. Tremolada, Bibliography).

Lipogems® body

For areas of the body that have been subjected to surgery, drastic weight loss or post-injury trauma, the Lipogems® system is a specific tool for replenishing emptied volumes in a consistent, safe and reliable manner, especially when it comes to breasts, buttocks, and inner thighs. It is also effective in dealing with stretch marks and correcting the texture and elasticity of the skin in synergy with laser treatments. Indicated in breast surgery, it is truly essential for liposuction and body shaping surgery.

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