Culotte de cheval (saddlebags)

So called saddlebags are fatty deposits that alter the silhouette at the junction between the thigh and buttocks, towards the outer part of the leg.

They represent one of the most hated imperfections, both because they are quite difficult to eradicate and because they cannot be as easily hidden as other aesthetic blemishes.

The term culotte de cheval, which in French means riding breeches, refers to that type of non-stretch fabric riding breeches which, having a flare at the side to ensure freedom of movement during riding, created the same bulge of the imperfection in question.

Treatments to eliminate culotte de cheval

The most effective and decisive methods for treating this condition are cryolipolysis with CoolSculpting, a medical machine capable of reducing fat deposits by 27 percent during every session, and microliposuction.

In aesthetic medicine, even lipolytic mesotherapy, which tends to loosen the bearings, can give satisfactory results, especially on small accumulations.

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