What it solves

Lack of physiological tone

Localized fat deposits


Water retention

Mesotherapy, also known as local intradermotherapy, is a widely used minimally invasive technique in aesthetic medicine. Useful as an analgesic procedure, it also has important effects in aesthetic treatment.

How mesotherapy works

Mesotherapy consists of injecting into the face or certain areas of the body, substances that can have different functions, using very thin needles of about 4 millimeters in length. Generally, when aesthetic mesotherapy is performed on the body, it consists of lipolytic cocktails to combat localized fat deposits and cellulite. On the other hand, when acting on the face, the injected substances can be vitamins, free hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides, which accelerate normal physiological metabolisms and cell turnover.

The injections of the cocktail the doctor formulates for each patient’s needs are performed in many small points about half a centimeter apart. The points where the injections are made leave no marks of any kind. Even the slight redness and/or temporary swelling is reabsorbed very quickly.

Results of mesotherapy

Body-mesotherapy results are microcirculation improvements, progressive dissolution of cellulite, and lighter legs. If practiced on the face, it gives a visible improvement in the quality of the skin and attenuates small wrinkles.

It can be associated with other treatments, especially within studied protocols that guarantee better-still results. This technique was coined in the 1950s by the French doctor Michel Pistor, who focused his attention on the benefits of using some drugs through intradermal micro-injections to delay the absorption of the active ingredients.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

All those patients who want a non-invasive treatment to address the problems listed below.

Problems it counteracts

Mesotherapy is used to treat localized fat deposits, diffuse or localized cellulite, water retention, heavy legs. When performed on the face, it contracts dehydrated and excessively wrinkled skin.


From 18 years of age.




20-30 minutes.

Sessions and frequency

8-10 sessions on a weekly basis. If needed to be repeated once a year.


Do not expose the treated areas to the sun in the week after the session, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, especially if mesotherapy is done to counteract fat deposits, cellulite and water retention.


Image team led by prof. Carlo Tremolada performs mesotherapy in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of mesotherapy a tour Clinic. The material related to previously treated cases allows to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


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