Décolleté lines


The skin of the décolleté, like that of the face and neck, is very thin and particularly sensitive to physiological ageing. However, in addition to this natural process, décolleté wrinkles are often the consequence of certain habits: for example, certain sleeping positions, which tend to mark the neckline. In the same way, the sun’s rays, in such an exposed area, contribute to the formation of micro-wrinkles and spots.

Treatments for décolleté wrinkles

There are different procedures to counteract décolleté wrinkles (and also photochronoaging).

Once again, the resurfacing generated by lasers, in particular Fraxel and fractional CO2, proves to be very effective against spots, discolorations and skin roughness in this area.
The result is a visible improvement in the skin, which will appear brighter, more compact and younger, especially where the treatment is performed in synergy with peeling and skinbooster.

Décolleté rejuvenation with Lipogems®

Professor Tremolada’s Lipogems® regenerative patent proves to be an effective solution also in the rejuvenation of the décolleté, especially in cases where the skin of this area is particularly emptied and thin.

The autologous fat, drawn through thin cannulas, micro-fractured and re-filtered in the area to be treated, triggers a sudden and progressive regeneration process over time.

This method, performed as an outpatient and under local anesthesia, lasts about 60 minutes and allows for an immediate return to social life.

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