Facial surgery

Not just aesthetics, but a global vision of psycho-physical well-being. This is the starting point for Image Regenerative Clinic’s research towards its goal of absolute harmony. Our faces present us to the world.

Our facial features, the characteristics that make us unique, the imperfections. Some of them can become of benefit, distinctive physiognomy in balance with the whole. Others, on the other hand, can create not only aesthetic disharmony, but real discomfort. To this group we can attribute imperfections that are sometimes considered flaws: a nose that is too pronounced, eyelids heavy with excess baggy skin, signs – such as wrinkles – that time, but not only, leaves on our skin.

Age-related decay can lead to insecurities that often become obstacles to social life. Facial cosmetic surgery has become increasingly sophisticated, and offers less invasive ways of correcting imperfections, transforming defects into harmonic details. Image Regenerative Clinic has as its primary objective, the achievement of as natural a result as possible. Also for this reason, we speak of cosmetic surgery, which has as its ultimate goal the embellishment in an absolute sense, and differs from plastic and reconstructive surgery precisely for its purely aesthetic function.

In particular, Image Regenerative Clinic employs cutting-edge methodologies, international experts led by Professor Carlo Tremolada, and the extraordinary team he selected. The most modern technologies and the most profound scientific knowledge are put at the disposal of the patient. With the added benefit of the Lipogems® system, which allows the forcing of many frontiers in the surgical field, and to set new goals both in terms of results and in the optimization of healing times.

Facial surgery at Image Regenerative Clinic combines aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. The three branches cover every need: deforming or degenerative pathologies due to accidents, congenital malformations or simply the desire for a “better self”, all aspirations that involve the physical sphere positively influencing the psychological aspect.

Simply put, it is about eliminating defects by overcoming the obstacles that nature places between our personal search for beauty and reality.

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