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Drawing on the experience of Image Regenerative Clinic and the Vision of Professor Carlo Tremolada, the first regenerative cosmetic line allowing you to bring home our clinic’s expertise was born. ReGeneus® is a personalized beauty routine of sustainable and refined that are made in Italy. Followed daily, it both improves the appearance of the epidermis and regenerates the skin over time.

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The body is able to heal itself and must be respected in its integrity. Medical science only has to help, reconstitute, repair, corroborate, regenerate.

PhD, MD Carlo Tremolada

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The Regenerative Treatment

ReGeneus® means above all a daily beauty routine for the morning and evening, after normal cleansing.
Light exfoliation with ReScrub Yourself is the first step, followed by the application of the most suitable serum tailored to individual needs. The ReGeneus® face cream is the final step of this beauty ritual.
The customization of the routine meets both personal preferences, as well as the needs of the epidermis throughout the different seasons of the year.
Born in our clinic, ReGeneus® reveals the secrets of its regenerative treatments.


The ReGeneus Routine

A complete daily routine to live a complete experience of regeneration.


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Your ReGeneus Facial

You can also undergo ReGeneus treatment at the clinic.


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Regeneus® is a Bibico S.r.l. (BENEFIT company) project.

Benefit Corporations represent an evolution of the corporate concept by integrating the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere into their corporate purpose.
In fact, Regeneus® was born as a 100% sustainable project, with the hope of making everyone aware of a better impact on the planet, the environment and people.
Regeneus® products are made with the exclusive use of certified renewable energy sources, and an environmental label code for recycling is noted on all packaging.

Every year, Regeneus® will donate 5% of its profits to research, which is the basis of our overall vision: a vocation that leads us to always look ahead and improve.