Bicom-Optima bioresonance is a biomedical device based on quantum physics. Information is transmitted through electromagnetic waves (hertz). It is a therapy that has its roots in holistic medicine, combined with the most advanced contemporary technologies.

Why have bioresonance

The reasons can be various.
Bioresonance goal is the total rebalancing of the body’s energy functions. From the treatment of extemporaneous or chronic pain, to functional disorders such as insomnia or lack of appetite, bioresonance acts on the electromagnetic and biochemical balance of the human body, promoting self-healing.

Check-up with bioresonance

The health of every being suffers inevitable consequences when the energy flowing through the body becomes jammed or blocked.

It is precisely the energy flow that allows the perfect functioning of each organ, in a prodigious harmony that oriental medicine has always valued as an indispensable resource.

The causes that often lead to an interruption of energy currents in an individual are various: the physiological aging process, stress, pollution, surgery, viruses, allergies and food intolerances of which, maybe you’re not even aware of. But also, traumas of various kinds, from an accident to the trivial fracture of a limb, not to mention the whole psychological sphere, which has just as – if not greater – relevance when it comes to energy blocks. A nervous breakdown, depression, or simply a repeated condition of dissatisfaction in private or professional life, can cause energy blocks.

In addition, there are the innumerable stresses, now rooted in everyday modern life: smartphones, Wi-Fi, electricity radiation, chemicals in drinking water, food, detergents, drugs used in farming (as well as therapeutic ones).

All these factors can undermine the body’s miraculous self-healing abilities and overwhelm it, leading to deadlock or discomfort.

What is bioresonance

Bioresonance is an innovative biomedical machine, based on quantum physics, capable of transmitting information through electromagnetic waves (hertz) and treating overloads to restore cellular balance, stimulate tissue regenerative capacity, as well as increase self-healing.

The functionality of this machine in restoring the body’s energy flow has been proven on several levels. In fact, bioresonance works satisfactorily on any pathology thanks to its over 2000 programs, but it is also useful, above all, for prevention.

The functioning of the machine is simple. During bioresonance sessions, conducting electrodes are applied to the patient. The electrodes are able to distinguish the harmonic oscillations from the disharmonic ones produced by the body. The same electrodes then transmit these oscillations to the device, which processes them and retransmits them to the patient in the correct form. In other words, the device, entering into resonance with the organ or apparatus to be balanced, to be brought back to its original biological resonance, creates a closed patient-machine circuit to act where there is any energy block.

Benefits of bioresonance

Bioresonance is indicated for major allergies (topical dermatitis, eczema, etc.), chronic diseases, in particular cystitis, prostatitis, thyroiditis, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems such as asthma, but also for specific pain therapies. Furthermore, it is part of the pre- and post-surgery protocols (working on both detoxing your body as well as tissue and cellular regeneration).

Bioresonance has no side effects and no contraindications (to such an extent that it is also suitable for pacemaker wearers).

What is bioresonance for?

Bioresonance is always needed, especially in the case of:

  • food and environmental contact allergies (pollen, dust, mites);
  • urogenital dysfunctions, menstrual disorders, prostatitis;
  • digestive disorders, abdominal swelling, colitis, gastritis, constipation;
  • liver disorders;
  • bone-muscular pain, pre- and post-operative pain, rheumatism;
  • eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis;
  • insomnia;
  • migraines and headaches;
  • heavy metal poisoning;
  • weight and metabolism problems;
  • hormonal problems, menopausal disorders;
  • thyroiditis;
  • respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis.

Bioresonance is also useful for:

  • scar stimulation;
  • immune system stimulation;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • elimination of toxins and bacteria;
  • anti-smoking therapy.

Bioresonance session

After an account of the patient’s medical history, consisting of an interview lasting about an hour, the problems are evaluated to study personalized protocols.

Subsequent sessions last 45-50 minutes to cover all the phases indicated below.

  • Phase I: a detoxification phase to prepare the body for subsequent specific therapies. Detox therapy is based on the patient’s energy value: it neutralizes scars that can create energy stagnation and works on the excretory organs (kidney and liver support, reactivation of the lymphatic system).
  • Phase II: this second phase works on the psyche. In case of problems related to stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, recurring migraine, or on a physical level, the therapist (thanks to kinesiological tests) will check which substances (food, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, mites, pollen and so on) inflame the body.
  • Phase III: after testing for intolerances, the intestine is treated and prepared for the so-called inversions.
  • Phase IV: this is the moment of inversions, which take place by introducing pathogenic vials inside the machinery to give the patient the right information about that particular substance again. In this way, everything that inflames the body is “reversed”, unblocking its stagnations.

Among the more than two thousand programs mentioned, here are some of the most frequently used:

  • pre-surgery bioresonance (ideal for detoxifying the body before surgery);
  • post-surgery bioresonance (ideal for detoxifying the body after anesthesia);
  • bioresonance for allergies and intolerances (+ DNA);
  • bioresonance for smoking (an important aid in quitting smoking);
  • bioresonance to strengthen the immune system during the change of season (+ ozone);
  • bioresonance for weight loss (+ slimming + coolsculpting + shock waves + mesotherapy);
  • bioresonance for tissue oxygenation.


In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Bioresonance is indicated to treat all the ailments mentioned below.

Problems handled

Food and environmental allergies, urogenital dysfunctions, menstrual disorders, prostatitis, low immune defenses, digestive disorders, colitis, gastritis, constipation, liver disorders, bone and muscle pain, pre- and post-operative pain, rheumatism, eczema, dermatitis, insomnia, migraines, heavy metal poisoning, weight problems, metabolism problems, hormonal problems, menopausal disorders, thyroiditis.


Any age.




75 minutes for the first visit; 45-50 minutes for the single sessions.

Number of sessions and frequency

From 3 to 10 sessions, once a week. To be repeated once or twice a year.


Drink plenty of water before and after the treatment, because the machinery works on the cellular matrix.


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