Body tone and volume

What it solves

Lack of tissue tone (atony)



The global structure of the body is supported by the skeleton, but also, and above all, by the soft tissues, which we must try to keep as soft as possible. We are talking about the muscles and the skin that encloses them. Tonicity is precisely given by the maintenance of muscle tone, the decay of which (loss of tone) manifests itself in a decreased capacity for muscle contraction and therefore greater flaccidity.

How to keep a toned-up body

Muscle tone guarantees the body statuesque beauty made up of harmonic volumes: the more these are defined, toned and proportionate, the greater the positive aesthetic impact will be.

Furthermore, the skin appears tighter and more compact on a firm muscle, without roughness and laxity that compromise its appearance.

In addition to the pure aesthetic factor, tone and volumes of the body are also important because the muscular system is cohesive with the skeletal one, therefore compact muscles guarantee better support and greater stability for the entire organism, contributing to the maintenance of fitness.

To keep a high level of muscle tone over time, physical activity and good nutrition with the right amount of protein and amino acids are essential. But there are various aesthetic medicine procedures for body firming that contribute to the achievement of this goal, above all where the situation is compromised by factors such as physiological ageing, but also sudden weight loss, hormonal imbalance, traumas that lead to a period of forced physical inactivity, sometimes even a pregnancy, especially if problematic or requiring long periods in bed.

Regenerate your body tone

The most effective treatments for maintaining or regaining tissue and muscle tone are respectively capacitive/resistive diathermy, Kotz waves and shock waves – the latter even more suitable for optimal figure remodeling.

Draining treatments are also of great importance, especially if carried out in synergy with body toning treatments, because they contribute to the reactivation of the lymphatic system and the improvement of microcirculation. Specifically, lymphatic drainage, cupping therapy and the new Image Regenerative Clinic protocol, Rebalance Your Body are very particularly effective.

Toning treatments for the body

The following methods are very effective:

  • Lipogems®, the exclusive patent that plumps up the volumes in the event of substantial emptying, especially around the breasts, buttocks and inner thigh region, also giving renewed firmness to the skin,
  • Macro hyaluronic acid fillers to restore the volumes of the body in case of emptying (for example after excessive weight loss),
  • Firming mesotherapy based on Plinest polynucleotides.

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