Bags and dark circles under the eyes

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Dermal darkening around the eyes

Although both bags and dark circles involve the area under the eye, they are two very distinct problems. Eye bags are the result of swelling of the lower eyelid region; dark circles are the characteristic dark marks along the groove of the lower orbital area. Aesthetic medicine can easily solve both these blemishes: eye contour treatments are effective solutions to reduce and eliminate them.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes can have a swollen appearance, and therefore determined by a lymphatic problem. They can also be as a result of herniation of intraorbital fat in the lower eyelid area. These two causes may coincide in the same patient.

Bags under the eyes treatment

Aesthetic medicine for bags under the eyes provides different types of treatments depending on the type and the extent of the condition.

In case of edematous bags, which are constant due to a change in the lymphatic system, manual and non-manual drainage treatments can be useful: lymphatic drainage massages and facial cupping, draining mesotherapy, ozone therapy.

In the case of fat herniation bags, however, there are two options:

  • surgery (blepharoplasty or lower blepharoplasty) gives a definitive solution;
  • new lipolytic injections for the periocular area can dissolve the fat herniation.

Dark circle under the eyes

Dark circles are distinguished mainly on the basis of their color, which can be given by a transparency of the underlying planes in respect to the outer skin, or by a real skin pigmentation.

Treatment of dark circles in aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine provides different solutions for dark circles.

When these darkened circles are due to skin pigmentation, lightening treatments are suggested: for example, Fraxel Dual laser, peelings or lightening injections (skin-whitening infusions based on glutathione).

On the other hand, if dark circles are due to an excessive transparency of the underlying layers as a result of thinning related to ageing, they can be treated with Lipogems® technique as well as specific skinboosters or laser which, improves the dermal component, returning thickness to the skin – and consequently improving the problem.

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