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Lipogems® is a methodology patented by Professor Carlo Tremolada (further information on the patent), exported and developed by many professionals all over the world in order to treat pathologies, relieve pain and regain wellbeing.

Lipogems® is micro-fragmented adipose tissue, the most advanced procedure for true regeneration in various fields. It represents the evolution of both classic lipofilling and mesenchymal stem cell extraction techniques. It is the only device able to reduce, without destroying its structure, the dimensions of the adipose tissue containing microcapillaries and precursors of mesenchymal stem cells. It is applied with a simple injection to those areas where it is necessary to restore the innate healing capacities that have depleted with age, chronic inflammation or severe trauma.

Autologous fat (adipose tissue) becomes a healing tool thanks to a specific procedure that is applied in different areas, from orthopedics to gynecology, as well as aesthetic treatments (for example by way of injection, in order to increase vascular density and consequently tissue regeneration).


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Prof. Carlo Tremolada

Scientific director and founder of Image Regenerative Clinic. He is a leading international figure in the medical field, in particular plastic surgery. Thanks to his expertise in research on the regenerative functioning of cells and tissues, today, his invention – the Lipogems® method – is widespread and performed in over 30 countries around the world.

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Scientific publications

From orthopedics to aesthetic medicine, the efficacy and functionality of Lipogems® have been the subject of numerous scientific publications. New applications in various branches of medicine are constantly being studied.
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The Lipogems procedure can be completed in the operating theatre or surgery clinic in less than an hour. It requires only local anesthesia, and short recovery time. The surgeon will take a small amount of fat tissue from the abdomen or hips, in a minimally invasive procedure through a single small incision.

Lipogems are collected in a device – disposable with a closed system – which uses a sterile physiological solution to remove any impurities. The gentle manipulation of fat allows micro-fragmentation while preserving the structure of the adipose tissue.
The optimal size of the Lipogems produced, obtained thanks to the micro-fagmentation process, allows the doctor to accurately inject it into the area of interest using a very fine needle.

Lipogems micro-fragmented adipose tissue can be injected to promote regeneration of damaged tissue, and provide structure and support by improving healing processes.
The product is CE marked and FDA approved, and is considered by the National Health Council and the National Transplant Center an “autologous tissue graft”.

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Processing by immersion in physiological solution

No oxidation or traumatic action on the cell population.
The cell population retains its biochemical potential.

Closed and aseptic system

Maximum security of sterility.
Maximum safety in the operating environment.

Fluidity and viscosity of the tissue product obtained

Injectable product with very fine needles.
Minimal trauma during grafting.

Complete disposable kit for the entire procedure

Immediate availability of all material.
Reduction of management and economic operating costs.

Lipogems research

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