Breast regenerative surgery

What are the regenerative aesthetic breast surgeries?

Regenerative aesthetic breast surgery is the surgical technique that applies Lipogems, as a method that uses the action of regenerative cells selected from the body fat, for procedures such as:

  • breast augmentation: to help increase breast tone and volume, when the breast appears hollow after significant loss of weight, or after pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • breast asymmetry: this is a common imperfection in which the two breasts may be different in shape, volume and size. Depending on the initial condition, the Lipogems tissue can be used alone, to restore breast volume, or together with other surgical techniques;
  • reduction mammoplasty (reduction mastoplasty): to obtain the healing benefits and regenerative advantages;
  • mastopexy: to restore the skin elasticity, in case of skin laxity.

In addition, the Lipogems adipose tissue autograft can be used to reshape and bring new harmony to a previous additive mastoplasty.

Benefits and advantages

Regenerative aesthetic breast surgery with the Lipogems® method offers the advantage of:

  • maximise the aesthetic results of traditional cosmetic surgery;
  • speed up the biological healing and scarring processes by reducing the incisions to practically invisible;
  • drastically reduce post-surgery recovery times thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of Lipogems® tissue;
  • maintain the results of surgery over time, because the infiltrated Lipogems® tissue continues its action over time;
  • eliminate the risk of complications or hardening typical of lipofilling;
  • visibly improve skin firmness and tone;
  • restore volumes.

How does regenerative breast augmentation work?

As in all procedures in which Lipogems is used, just before the operation itself, the necessary amount of subcutaneous fat from the patient is removed by the surgeon using microcannulas. This is a quick painless procedure, which is performed using local anaesthesia. After the fat removal, the microfracturing process according to the Lipogems method begins: within a few minutes, the fat becomes tissue rich in active and living regenerative cells, which is infiltrated by means of microcannulas into the areas of the breast to be treated. Generally, the regenerative procedure is carried out immediately after the insertion of breast implants, if provided for in the surgery.

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