Thin lips

Recommended treatments

Thin lips, although they can’t be considered a beauty flaw, can sometimes be seen as an aesthetic problem, especially by women.
The mouth is a focal point of the face, a weapon of expression and seduction that attracts the eye and speaks about us.

Replenishing the lip mucosa, even if only very lightly, is a quick and simple procedure, which gives the lips a completely natural, but more hydrated and toned appearance.

How to improve thin lips

Thin lips can be corrected with hyaluronic acid absorbable fillers. These substances are completely biocompatibile, largely used in aesthetic medicine and prove to be one of the most popular fillers for the mouth as well.

Injected via very thin needles (or microcannulas) by the aesthetic doctor into the vermilion or along the contour of the mouth (or both), lip fillers model lip shape and volume.

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