What it solves

Regeneration to counteract signs of aging is at the forefront of Image Regenerative Clinic’s philosophy. No more useless anti-aging treatments, but a real regener-age path, because regenerating your cells and regaining an authentically rejuvenated appearance with a multidisciplinary approach is much more effective than fighting the aging process.

How a facelift is done

A facelift operation is scientifically defined as rhytidectomy and is carried out using an aesthetic surgical method which, by removing excess skin tissue and repositioning the muscular structure, gives the face a new freshness by erasing the sagging caused by age or drastic weight loss.

A facelift today is a minimally invasive intervention; in addition, Image Regenerative Clinic offers the innovative Lipogems® system, a special procedure that involves the insertion of micro-particles of autogenous fat for cell regeneration.


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Partial facelift

The entire face does not always need a complete facelift, in fact, it is possible to have limited procedures, targeting specific areas: cheeks, cheekbones, chin, neck, and front of ​​the face (front endoscopic lifting), to reduce both forehead wrinkles and sagging eyebrows.


Where the needs may be lesser, there is the possibility of evaluating the appropriateness of a mini-facelift (also known as “minilifting”), so called due to immediate results and a short recovery time. Obviously, this intervention is less invasive and achieves appreciable results: the aim is to strengthen and reposition the tissue that has lost its natural tone. It is the best operation for redefining the mandibular contour.

«The main reason for a facelift is the need for repositioning of all facial tissues in an anatomical and natural way. During surgery, the graft of stem cells derived from adipose tissue (Lipogems®) allows real skin regeneration which, combined with maintenance treatments, guarantees the lasting effects of the intervention over time.»

Prof. Carlo Tremolada

In summary

For whom is it appropriate

The primary reason for undergoing a lifting is when we are unable to bear certain changes in our features, due to laxity and sagging in certain areas in our face, notably the mandibular contour. The complete or partial facelift – the latter focuses on certain areas of the face, such as drooping cheeks or double chin and neck – is a rapid and minimally invasive intervention, both in terms of execution and healing, which gives remarkable and very satisfactory results for the patient as well as the surgeon.


From the age of 35.


Local anaesthesia with sedation, general anaesthesia.

Recommended post-surgery treatments

Lymphatic drainage massage.


A stay in the clinic can vary from a few hours to 3 days. The surgery itself lasts 2/4 hours.

Post-surgery visits

On the second, fourth and seventh day after surgery.

Social return

1 day in some cases up to 15 days.


Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs facelift operations in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of a facelift at Image Regenerative Clinic center. The material related to previously treated cases allows to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


The cost of a facelift depends on several variables and are tailored to each patient. View the prices page or fill out the contact form below to request information.


When is soft facelift appropriate?

Soft-lifting, or minilifting, can be undertaken in all cases where the skin looks saggy and where the face appears lax. Patients can sometimes have this problem at a young age, perhaps due to significant weight loss or psychophysical stress, where marks remain visible on the face.

At any age where there is sagging that alters the contours of the face. Nowadays a facelift is a simple, fast and low impact intervention.

This procedure is fast and minimally invasive, in terms of both execution and healing. A facelift immediately guarantees remarkable results, very satisfactory for both the patient and surgeon. In most cases the swelling is minimal, sometimes even absent, but, as always, it remains a subjective reaction, the duration of which varies from case to case.

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