Acne scars

Acne scars are those marks that the inflammatory lesions typical of this condition (papules, pustules and cysts) leave on the skin when the problem is not treated promptly, or persists for a long time.

Why do acne scars appear?

If the lesions are prolonged over time or degenerate into repeated infections, the skin loses its ability to regenerate the scarred areas, which, consequently, take on a pockmarked appearance formed by depressions, giving the skin an irregular pattern.

The areas affected by acne, and therefore also by any acne scars, are the face, shoulders and presternal area.

Although scars do not represent a pathology, they are sometimes a very significant aesthetic problem, especially considering that they generally occur on the face, where they remain visible.

Treatments for acne scars

There is a range of effective solutions for acne scarring, and many patients of our clinic have said they are more than satisfied with the results. See our acne protocol.

In particular:

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