Myofascial massage

Myofascial massage is a manual therapy technique of the body’s support tissue located between the muscles. Its goal is to release tensions and contractures, and is often performed as a support to anti-inflammatory therapies of the osteoarticular and muscular systems.

Benefits of myofascial massage (myofascial release therapy)

Myofascial massage is a deep massage, which brings more oxygen to the treated area, improves posture, and optimizes microcirculation and circulation in general.
Its effects are often immediate, so much so that the patient already feels the benefits from the hands of the therapist during the session.

The more specific maneuvers act through:

  • vertical pressures along the entire muscular perimeter;
  • detachment (transversal action to move the muscle laterally);
  • kneading (the fleshy mass is worked with thumbs and forefingers from bottom to top).

How a myofascial massage session is carried out

The intensity of the maneuvers and the duration of the treatment increase with each session.
In this special massage technique, the bond between therapist and recipient is so important that it involves the synchronization of breathing. When you inhale, muscle tension increases, especially in the trunk area; whereas when you exhale, muscles and ligaments relax, which become soft and yielding. That is why the therapist will ask the patient to assume a slow and regular breathing rhythm, counting up to 5 between inhalation and exhalation, thus exerting pressure while exhaling and releasing while inhaling.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

In case of muscle contractures, osteoarticular pains, localized fat deposits, slow microcirculation, water retention.


There are no age limits.




Each session lasts 60 minutes. Depending on the response to the first session, a cycle with a variable number of sessions is recommended.


Image team specialists carry out myofascial massage sessions in Milan.


The costs of myofascial massage are calculated for each patient. View our prices page, or fill out the form to request information.

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