Double chin

What it solves

Localized adiposity under the chin

A somewhat unattractive and widespread phenomenon, a double chin is generally determined by an accumulation of fat of various types in the area just below the chin.

It affects men and women of all ages and body types equally, and can also occur in people of a leaner constitution.

According to some doctors, beyond the aesthetic impact, a double chin can cause psycho-physical imbalances: for example, the excess fat would reduce the passage of air in the upper airways, proving to be responsible, directly or indirectly, for poor concentration, headaches, tiredness and chronic sleepiness.

Causes of double chin

Localized fat accumulates for various reasons. Sometimes the skin is no longer able to support it, or it could be determined by a loss of tone and compactness of the tissues – two situations often combined. The causes can be genetic, gaining weight, an incorrect diet (even due to intolerances of which one is not aware) and of course age, which leads to an inevitable physiological breakdown, including incorrect posture.

How to treat a double chin

A double chin can be eliminated with surgery or by resorting to aesthetic medicine.

The surgical solution is microliposuction or mentoplasty.

On the other hand, aesthetic medicine’s innovative technique called CoolSculpting can eliminate the problem. CoolSculpting machinery represents the solution par excellence against localized fat deposits. Carried out using the “mini” handpiece, it gives highly satisfying results even in small areas.

In the case of a “fake” double chin, which creates aesthetic disharmony but does not involve fat deposits, the best solution is to choose one of Image Regenerative Clinic’s treatments, such as Face Contouring or LiquidLift, both very effective in dealing with tissue laxity.

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