Lipogems® Orthopedic

Lipogems® system is highly recommended for solving problems affecting bones, joints and tendons.

Application of lipogems® in orthopedics

In orthopedics, Lipogems® system is recommended to stop the degeneration of the outcomes of trauma, bone alignment flaws or postural defects.
In clinical cases of advanced degeneration, Lipogems® system contributes to tissue regeneration and pain relief.
The application of the Lipogems® procedure in orthopedics in multidisciplinary synergy with the treatment of pathologies linked to osteoarticular structures, has made it possible to achieve important health and well-being objectives. It is particularly effective if combined with osteopathy (manipulation techniques to restore functionality, restoration of mobility and reduction of pain symptoms).

What Lipogems® is used for in orthopedics

Recommended in the treatment of osteoarthritic degeneration of any joint – jaw, wrist, hands, hip, foot, ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder – it is also decisive for problems relating to the spine.
In sport, applications to improve performance and recovery of athletes, regardless their age, are extraordinarily effective.

Benefits of Lipogems® in orthopedics

Excellent clinical responses are also found in the treatment of back pain, in cervical and thoracic and lumbar regions. In particular, facet joint problems can be successfully treated, as well as the prevention of disc degeneration.
Almost all treatments of joint infiltrations are optimized by precise administration with the help of high-definition ultrasound and / or x-ray.

Orthopedics scientific publications

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