Liposuction (Lipo)

Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat via a hollow tube and suction device. It can be performed both on specific or larger areas, it leaves no scarring, and is highly requested by both female and male patients.

The tendency to accumulate adipose tissue (fat) is in fact common in both sexes: in women it usually occurs mainly in the lower part of the body, while in men often affects the abdomen, lower part of the back and chest. Unfortunately, a healthy diet and exercise are not always enough to guarantee the perfect shape, especially if the accumulation of fat has been neglected for a long time.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of surgical remodeling, which is also suitable for young people who wish to restore the balance between their torso, legs and buttocks. The goal of liposuction is sculpting the person’s figure in order to harmonize the whole body shape. The use of cannulas (thin tubes that can be inserted into the body) guarantees a precise and selective suction of fat pads in the areas where they are localized.

The cannula that is inserted into subcutaneous fat through a small opening or incision in the skin is millimetric, so the scars are invisible. Liposuction can be successfully performed on different areas of the body.

This procedure can be performed along with regenerative lipofilling Lipogems®, which is particularly suitable for filling depressions thanks to the grafting of adipose tissue. The result is a plastic effect to emptied areas, like a real liposculpture. Lipogems® demonstrates great effectiveness in long-term remodeling of the body and is considered complementary to the operation itself.


In cases of minimal and localized fat pads, micro-liposuction is advisable. It is the same type of intervention but on a smaller scale, for targeted and minimally invasive retouching (also on the face and double chin), it is appropriate for patients with minor blemishes. The micro-liposuction guarantees immediate effects, leaves no traces and is an optimal solution for small operations in specific smaller areas.

Liposuction results

Liposuction reshapes the silhouette by directly targeting the problematic areas such as thighs, abdomen, arms and back, harmonizing their proportions and volumes.

If well performed, liposuction can give extraordinary and definitive results. However, if badly performed or incorrectly managed by the patient during the post-surgical period, it can lead to skin problems and depressions.

When liposuction is suggested

The best time to undertake liposuction is not at the end of a weight loss programme, as one may expected, but in the middle of it. In the most urgent cases, it is possible to proceed even at the beginning, in what can be defined as “encouragement liposuction”. The intervention will guarantee the patient an incentive to start or continue the diet, gratifying them with an immediate result, which can be reinforced even when they reach their ideal weight.

Abdominal liposuction

It is possible to remove excess subcutaneous fatty tissue from the abdomen to reshape the belly. Thanks to the most innovative modern techniques, it is possible to remove excess fat in a selective and very precise way in both male and female patients, giving their abdomen a dry and athletic appearance. The result strengthens the perception of a young and agile body.

Hips liposuction for men and women

The adipose accumulations on the sides of the waist, also known as “love handles” or “saddlebags”, can be eliminated with a regular liposuction procedure or – in minor cases – with a mini-liposuction. The removal of small fatty deposits is performed using a minimally invasive technique, reshaping the contour of the body and harmonizing the figure. The demand for this type of intervention by male patients has been increasing in recent years. The recovery, among other things, is very fast, and in most cases the patient can return to normal daily life the very next day.

Legs liposuction

Legs liposuction is very common and targets excess fat in very specific areas, such as knees, calves, buttocks and thighs. Once the fat pads are removed and the area is reshaped in harmony with the rest of the body, the remodeling then revealed is highly satisfactory for the patient.

Ankles liposuction (Cankle surgery)

Ankles liposuction is not so well known, as it is delicate and demanding on a technical level but, when well done, gives exceptional aesthetic results, even if not always immediately appreciable. The patient should be advised against the idea of reducing the size of their calves without reshaping their ankles: this conceptual error necessarily leads to poor results.

«The techniques available today have made liposuction extremely safe and much less traumatic than it once was. Nowadays, all the areas where an excess of fat is visible (knees, inner thighs, buttocks, double chin, ankles, armpits, hips, arms, etc.) can be treated with dedicated tools. In the post-surgery period, a mild weight loss and the use of targeted equipment associated with massophysiotherapy techniques greatly improve the final result.»

Prof. Carlo Tremolada

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

In all situations of localized fat accumulations. Liposuction should not be considered an alternative to a weight loss program, but a “modernization” of the body. For minor interventions, micro-liposuction with targeted and minimally invasive retouching is highly suggested.


The procedure can be carried out from the age of 12.


Local aesthesia with sedation.

Recommended post-surgery treatments

Lymphatic drainage massage, Kllod method.


The stay in the clinic can range from 2 to 8 hours. The procedure usually lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Post-surgery visits

On the second and seventh day following the procedure.

Social return

Within 1-3 days.


Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs liposuction procedures in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of abdomen liposuction, hip liposuction, leg liposuction and ankle liposuction at Image Regenerative Clinic center. The material related to previously treated cases allows you to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


The cost of liposuction depends on many variables and is tailored to each patient. View the prices page or fill out the form to request information.


Can sagging skin remain after liposuction?

This procedure gives extraordinary and definitive results, but, if performed poorly or badly managed by the patient in the post-surgery period, it can lead to possible skin irregularities and depressions. It should be noted that the liposuction associated with the regenerative lipofilling Lipogems® is particularly effective in filling depressions and stimulating the contraction of any sagging: the graft of adipose tissue gives a plastic effect to those areas with a tendency to lose tone such as buttocks, proving to be very satisfying where the ultimate goal is long-term body remodeling.

Liposuction is not performed to lose weight, but to reshape the silhouette, harmonizing its proportions and volumes of thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, arms and back. It is really very difficult, in the event of weight gain after this surgery, to restore the same fat deposits that had been previously eliminated: generally, it will be distributed or localized in other areas. However, it is suggested to lead a healthy lifestyle and a controlled diet, both for your general health and to preserve the obtained results.

A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity, among other things, will continue to improve the results of the intervention over time.

Traditionally, liposuction removes excess fat that builds up in certain areas of the body despite a diet and physical activity. Mini-liposuction, on the other hand, is a meticulous low-volume, high-impact procedure that targets smaller pockets of fat to provide visible improvement in body contours without the associated recovery time of a traditional liposuction procedure.

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