Receding chin

The receding chin is a physical characteristic where the chin is pushed back. This morphological conformation of the profile is often just an aesthetic defect, sometimes it is even an optical effect created by a particularly pronounced nose.

In some cases, however, those with a receding chin may suffer from problems with chewing, misalignment between the upper and lower jaw, breathing difficulties and postural problems, for which maxillofacial surgery may be necessary.

When the receding chin is just an aesthetic problem, there are different solutions to correct it with great satisfaction for the patient.

Treatments to correct a receding chin

The hyaluronic acid filler allows you to fill and reshape the area, until you get the desired shape and volume.

More lasting, but equally immediate, is the regenerative Lipogems® patent BY Professor Carlo Tremolada, thanks to which, through the injection of autochthonous, microfiltered adipose tissue, the defect is corrected, restoring harmony to the profile.

Finally, mentoplasty is the surgical solution. It combines aesthetic surgery techniques and plastic-reconstructive surgery to permanently modify the receding chin. In some cases, the insertion of a prosthesis is foreseen, but Professor Tremolada believes that surgery of optimal facial profiles takes place thanks to the synergy of bone surgery and lipofilling with stem cells (Lipogems®), and that this mix allows the prescription of prostheses only in rare cases.

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