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If you already know which specialist to turn to, you can book your first specialist visit to the clinic by filling out the form below.

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    Specialist Visit

    The first specialist visit is carried out by the specialist doctor directly at the clinic.

    It is the moment when the patient presents their issues and goals to the specialist doctor, who formulates the diagnostic framework.

    During this appointment, the specialist doctor will be available to answer any doubts or questions the patient may have about the path to take.


    What happens in the first visit?

    The first visit takes place directly in our Clinic. A specialist doctor will listen carefully to your needs and requests, and will outline the diagnostic process.

    What happens after the first visit?

    Following the first visit, the specialist doctor will outline the treatment path and provide all organizational and administrative information.

    What are the advantages of the first visit?

    The patient has the opportunity to consult the specialist doctor in person, feeling immediately understood and reassured regarding any doubts or questions.

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