Kobayashi Method

A protocol originating from Japan and increasingly used with success all over the world, the Kobayashi method is used to eliminate lesions and cysts, including acne, by acting directly on the affected areas. The innovative technology also solves cases of nodulocystic acne, including the most serious kind.

What the Kobayashi method is for

The method consists in conveying an electric field through a very thin needle. Aiming directly at the sebaceous glands responsible for the birth of acne cysts, the procedure makes them inactive by interrupting the production of sebum, and therefore solving the problem of pore clogging and consequent inflammation.

How the Kobayashi method works

The technology makes use of high-frequency alternating current, which exploits the electrical conductivity of the fabrics. The programmed current, emitted by a very fine needle, cauterizes and inactivates the sebaceous glands at the base of the pores. The technique avoids the risk of the birth of new cysts and is particularly effective in cases of nodulocystic acne.

The treatment also avoids the appearance of new inflammation and consequent scarring.

The Kobayashi method usually involves a single session: if necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

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