Lipogems® Sport

Lipogems® is particularly indicated in sports medicine, and is used with excellent results for athletes who have suffered injuries.

Thanks to the processing of adipose tissue, the inflammatory components (oily, blood and cellular debris) are eliminated, and the dimensions of the tissue clusters are reduced, thus obtaining a homogeneous and easy to handle result, suitable for the intra-articular infiltration in tendon and ligament structures that are compromised by injuries (shoulders, knees, hips, ankles). In this way, micro-fragmented adipose tissue is obtained and preserves the adipose niches intact. Fundamental morpho-functional units of the tissue itself, equipped with a vascular-stromal network in which the mesenchymal stem cells and their precursors can perform their regenerative function in an optimal way.

Best 2016, 2017 and 2018 technology for recovery from sports injuries (knees, tendons, shoulders, etc.)


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Lipogems sport, ideal for recovery from sporting injuries and traumas

The Lipogems technique is increasingly used to accelerate recovery from sporting injuries with striking results.

It is in fact particularly suitable in inflammatory lesions of the menisci and of all the peri-articular tendon and ligament structures that cause pain and limitation of joint function. Shoulders, knees, ankles and elbows that have been compromised by inflammatory, traumatic or degenerative lesions benefit enormously from the infiltration treatment with Lipogems, aiding the recovery and healing of injured athletes.

There are many alternative therapies that have good efficacy, especially in young athletes and/or with partial injuries. However only Lipogems is able to reliably help athletes or aspiring athletes over 50, or those with serious chronic injuries. In fact, the injured individual will regain their recovery ability from their younger age through a stable increase in micro-vascular density.

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