Lipogems® – Gynecology

Lipogems® system has also proved to be a winning approach in the gynecological field (Casarotti and Tremolada, 2019). The studies have in fact opened new horizons for tissue regeneration and the attainment of a new youth also with regard to the female reproductive system.

Use of Lipogems® in gynecology

The Lipogems® procedure in gynecology is indicated for all women who wish to recover from uncomfortable situations due to vaginal prolapse, or who suffer from atrophy or dystrophy. It is also successfully used on women who are preparing to face the symptoms of the onset of the menopause, including uncomfortable dryness, and the related decrease (sometimes even elimination) of sexual desire. Lipogems® is a safe and tested procedure that intervenes on the tissues, allowing them to constantly regenerate, and thus putting an end to the aging process.

Effects of Lipogems® in gynecology

Lipogems® treatment does not involve hospitalization or any side effects following application, and the results are maintained in the long term.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Aging and obstetric perineal traumas can give rise to vulvovaginal atrophy or problems such as dyspareunia (i.e. pain during sexual intercourse) and vaginal laxity.

Treatment with Lipogems® technique, and the consequent regeneration of the tissues also make it possible to significantly increase sensitivity during sexual activity. Complete sensitivity returns after 2 months, after which it is possible to resume a regular sexual life.

The Lipogems technique is also suitable for the treatment of:

  • Lichen scleroatrophic of the vulvar region, a disease that causes damage to the vulvar mucosa and premature aging of the external genitalia, with progressive reduction of the labia minora and narrowing of the entrance to the vaginal canal
  • Vulvo-vaginal dryness of various origins (post-menopause, post-surgical treatments, idiopathic) and therefore also the symptoms related to this condition (burning, itching, dyspareunia)

Gynecology scientific publications

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