Connective massage

It is a manipulation of the connective tissue that allows to contrast localized disturbances, and to exert reflex effects and have a beneficial effect on organs and tissues remote from the area of treatment.

What is connective massage

Connective tissue massage is considered a form of reflexology, a method which provides for the superficial stimulation of certain parts of the body to obtain a local effect, but also, and above all, a “reflex” beneficial effect on the respective internal organs that in different locations to the manipulated one. It is based on ancient Chinese medical knowledge and is used against various types of blemishes – cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin and scars – and as a remedy for disorders that can affect muscles and joints.

Connective tissue massage was “invented” in 1929 by Elisabeth Dicke, a German physiotherapist who was diagnosed with circulatory disorders in her lower limbs (arteriopathies) that were severe enough to evaluate a possible amputation. Bedridden by her condition, Dicke began to practice manual tractions on herself in correspondence with the affected areas in the hope of obtaining relief. With the daily execution of this self-massage, she not only managed to relieve the pain, but she also found benefits in terms of arterial circulation, which began to improve until the symptoms disappeared.

Anti-cellulite connective massage

With regard to cellulite in particular, the improvements are obtained by performing deep “tractions”, thanks to the use of the thumb and forefinger, performing the connective tissue massage on the legs. In this way, the “pinches” stimulate the inflamed tissues, favoring a reduction of liquids, typical of cellulite even in an advanced stage.

Benefits of connective massage

The connective tissue massage does not eliminate the pathology, but it is an important adjuvant in the context of a connected set of treatments that also includes mesotherapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, shock waves and/or diathermy.

Connective tissue massage is useful for:

  • pains of different kinds;
  • reduced joint mobility;
  • trauma;
  • muscle contractures and/or tensions;
  • disorders related to poor posture;
  • symptoms resulting from connective tissue disorders;
  • rehabilitation from sports injuries and other injuries.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Myofascial face, legs, abdomen and back massage is indicated in case of pain, contractures, slowed down microcirculation, water retention, cellulite.


There are no age restrictions.




Each session lasts 60 minutes. Depending on the response to the first session, a cycle with a variable number of sessions is recommended.


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