Glabellar lines

Glabellar lines are vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows and become evident when frowning.
They tend to become more permanent with age, giving a tired look and frowning appearance.

They are mimic signs, caused by the repeated contraction of certain muscles and by the number of times we perform that movement.
Furthermore, with the passing of time and with the consequent progressive decrease of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes thinner and, inevitably, the glabellar lines are accentuated.

Glabellar lines treatments

The most effective procedure to fight these wrinkles, but also all such signs in the upper third of the face, is botulinum toxin. Injected into the muscle responsible for the specific contraction that leads to frowning, Botox relaxes it, smoothing out the furrows.

If the lines are very deep, they can also be corrected with a hyaluronic acid-based filler. This second solution can be utilized in synergy with Botox to amplify the result, or it can be performed alone.

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