Osteopathic visit

Image Regenerative Clinic’s health approach involves an osteopathic evaluation that identifies any dysfunctional problem, and develops a manual therapy to rebalance the patient’s body and promote autologous healing.

What is osteopathy

Unlike many other allopathic medicine treatments, the secret of osteopathy lies in looking for the cause of the symptom and not just in solving or eliminating the symptom itself. This is why osteopathy is complementary to traditional medicine, and allows appreciable results to be obtained with its aid, and not just a placebo effect.

First osteopathic visit and path

During the first visit, the patient is examined in order to determine their needs. The osteopath identifies any osteoarticular dysfunctions at visceral level, through specific methodologies and tests. These tests allow the preparation of a treatment plan based on the origin of the dysfunctions.
Mobility restrictions are diagnosed thanks to a manual investigation of the osteoarticular structures, viscera and soft tissues. The purpose of osteopathy is not to make use – where possible – of the aid of drugs or electromedical equipment.

But the benefit of Image Regenerative Clinic lies precisely in its multidisciplinary approach, therefore the osteopath, after an initial evaluation, can take advantage of the synergy with a very wide range of treatments, even with the latest generation machines, consultations with specialist doctors and holistic interventions to solve the problem from every possible angle.

What is osteopathy for?

An osteopathic visit is recommended for:

  • musculoskeletal disorders (cervical, lumbar, back pain, whiplash, etc.);
  • craniosacral disorders (migraines, headaches, head trauma, etc.);
  • dental dysfunction (bruxism, pain when chewing, dental malocclusions, etc.);
  • visceral disorders (irritable colon, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, etc.);
  • urinary-gynecological pathologies (menstrual pain, urinary incontinence, etc.);
  • pregnancy disorders (back and groin pain, postpartum depression, etc.);
  • pediatric pathologies (sleep disorders, psychomotor retardation, etc.).

Aesthetic osteopathy

Joining osteopathic sessions with an aesthetic medical course can have extremely positive effects on the final outcome. An articulated and poli-ambulatory therapeutic process, a cornerstone of Image Regenerative Clinic’s philosophy, leads to the global regeneration of the psycho-physical balance.
The recovery of the ideal posture therefore goes hand in hand with the treatment of any blemishes due to an excessively sedentary lifestyle, resulting from the motor limitations that are reduced. Not only that: massages and treatments that fight cellulite and treatments to improve skin quality complete the research framework for beauty – not to be conquered in watertight compartments, but to be modeled on each one.

Advantages of osteopathy

The advantages of osteopathic treatment, especially when combined with traditional medicine, include:

  • rapid identification of the origin of the issue;
  • removal of the cause, reduction or resolution of symptoms;
  • often immediate pain relief, with no side effects;
  • limited number of treatments;
  • reduction in the use of anti-inflammatory, painkilling, decontracting drugs;
  • possible reduction of exposure to rays for radiological investigations (Rx, Tac, Rmn);
  • prevention.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

For people suffering from joint (shoulder, knee, hip) and muscle pain, migraines, neck pain, contractures, lumbago, sciatica, sleep disorders and psychomotor retardation in children; arthrosis, visceral disorders, urinary incontinence, menstrual pain.
As a complement to classic medicine, for all alterations of the body’s function and in the presence of painful disorders.
It is suitable for athletes (competitors and non-competitors), children and the elderly to solve problems associated with posture.


All ages.


Absolutely non-invasive: manipulation and manual therapy of soft tissues. In the 12 hours following handling, avoid considerable physical effort. Strictly follow the instructions provided by the osteopath. Wear sportswear.


Each session lasts 60 minutes. At least 2 or 3 sessions should be expected.


Image team carry out osteopathic treatments in Milan.


The costs of an osteopathic visit are budgeted for each patient. View the prices page or fill out the form to request information.

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