Eyes, mirror of the soul. The most important feature of our face, revealing our mood, our energy, even our age. Every surgical operation involving the eyes’ shape is delicate, but it can also certainly be effective. After an artfully performed blepharoplasty, the patient feels – and is also immediately perceived by the observer to be – rejuvenated, refreshed, revived. Just like after a fulfilling holiday or restful sleep.

What is a blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that mainly corrects sudden or gradual eyelid ptosis (upper blepharoplasty) and localized accumulations of periocular soft tissues, the so-called bags (lower blepharoplasty).

As we age (chronoaging), the weakening of the periocular muscles, the localized herniation of the periorbital fat from the supporting connective tissues (bags), the progressive skin elastosis and the reduction of the bone volumes in the periorbital region, all help create the tired and heavy gaze.

Blepharoplasty is part of what is called “eye surgery”: the skin laxity of the eyelid, in fact, often gives it a tired, old and sad appearance. The expressions are less defined and, in the most extreme cases, the problem is not only aesthetic but also functional, affecting the width of the visual field. Blepharoplasty intervenes as much on the upper cutaneous excesses as on the bags under the eyes, opening and rejuvenating the gaze.

There are four types of gaze surgery:

  • Upper blepharoplasty
  • Lower blepharoplasty
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Eye rejuvenation with Lipogems®

Upper blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty surgically removes skin excess in the upper eyelid area. The incisions will remain hidden in the eyelid sulcus, thus being invisible.

Lower blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty removes those skin and fat excesses from the lower eyelids giving “sub-ocular bags”.
Upper and lower blepharoplasty operations can be performed together (complete or total blepharoplasty).

Eyebrow lift

The eyebrow lifting surgery corrects the ptosis of the eyebrow and “opens” the gaze.

Gaze rejuvenation with Lipogems®

The patent of the Lipogems® system is invaluable for assisting surgical results with its innovative technology: the technique is useful for correcting dark circles and nasolacrimal furrows for a fresher look.

Post surgery

The post-operative phase of blepharoplasty does not create particular inconvenience to patients. After the operation, small bruises will appear and will be reabsorbed within a few days.

«The best results in some difficult blepharoplasty cases can only be achieved by surgeons who have particular experience in orbito-eyelid reconstructive surgery.»
The Triple Technique for treating stable Graves’ ophthalmopathy
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Magazine (1997)

Prof. Carlo Tremolada

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

For every patient who wants to regain a younger and fresher gaze. Perfect to remove or enhance skin excesses over the eyes covering the eyelid crease, drooping eyelids shape that give a sad and tired look, eye bags due to fatty deposits, dark circles and skin depression, crow’s feet and sagging skin. Blepharoplasty is increasingly requested by men too, as they are particularly subject to the decay of the upper eyelid (male blepharoplasty).


From the age of 30.


Local anaesthesia with sedation, general anaesthesia.

Recommended post-surgery treatments

Lymphatic drainage massage.


A stay in the clinic of about 4 hours is required. The surgery lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

Post-surgery visits

On the fourth day after surgery.

Social return

After 14 days.


Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs upper and lower blepharoplasty in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of blepharoplasty. The material related to previously treated cases allows to evaluate examples of results according to different needs.


The costs of blepharoplasty depend on many variables and are tailored to each patient. View our prices page or fill out the form to request information.
The Clinic draws up personalized estimates.


What kind of operations can be combined with blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is often associated with other complementary interventions in the same operating session. The eyebrow lifting and Lipogems® regenerative system for the correction of dark circles and nasolacrimal furrows are the cosmetic surgery techniques that are most frequently performed in synergy with blepharoplasty, in order to optimize the outcome and make the eyes even brighter.
For a total rejuvenation of the face, it is quite common to also combine blepharoplasty with a facelift or a minilift.

In blepharoplasty, the incisions remain hidden in the eyelid sulcus so that they are practically invisible. Furthermore, the incisions and related sutures of any expert surgeon are already performed with techniques that guarantee the least possible aesthetic impact.

Post-operative swelling always depends on the patient and on the subjective response. Of course, the periocular area is very delicate, and tends to swell after the slightest trauma, so a momentary reaction should be expected. The specific massage of our therapists helps to reduce the swelling and facilitate the resorption of bruises.

Only when the swelling has passed and the stitches have been removed. However, it is recommended that you strictly follow the instructions of your surgeon.

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