Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures, allowing the patient to surgically forge the breasts of their dreams by increasing their dimensions. The primary objective of Image Regenerative Clinic is a natural result, obtainable thanks to the most modern surgical techniques, and use of the latest generation of breast implants.

There are many reasons that lead people to consider breast augmentation or enlargement: dissatisfaction with one’s physical appearance, and the desire to find a new aesthetic dimension. For some women, the process is part of rebuilding the breast due to various conditions, such as the need to intervene after pregnancy, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss that has left the breast empty, if not sagging. Breast augmentation can give the breast a second youth, enhance its appearance and solve problems of low self-esteem, and breaking down barriers of one’s self-confidence.

How to choose the protheses

Assisted by Professor Carlo Tremolada and his medical team, patients will be able to carefully study and consider the various options for breast augmentation. It will be possible to visualize the anticipated result of the surgery in advance thanks to detailed planning, which combines the patient’s specific needs together with the best possible result.

Today’s most modern breast implants are the following types:

  • anatomical teardrop prostheses
  • round prostheses, with a smooth or rough outer surface

The material the prostheses are composed of plays a fundamental role: silicone, the safest and most natural to the touch, is now also available in a special cohesive gel that is enclosed in a solid silicone casing. This material guarantees maximum safety, even in the event of damage due to trauma.

During the pre-operative visit, the patient will agree with the doctor the shape, volume, height and projection of the breast, in order to guarantee both the realization of one’s wishes, as well as a result that is as natural and harmonious as possible.

Breast augmentation surgery with Lipogems®

The use of the protocol Lipogems® is increasingly coupled with breast augmentation surgery, and helps achieve ideal results. When prostheses and Lipogems® are combined, the most natural and versatile correction of shape, especially in difficult cases – such as tuberous breasts or pronounced asymmetries – is guaranteed.

Lipogems® improves breast texture, stretch marks and tone. Its combination with mammoplasty is very effective especially in the treatment of breasts in women over 40.

Breast augmentation surgery

Every patient comes with a different story, and the procedure is tailored and evaluated by the surgeon in every detail, from the patient’s clinical history to physical and psychological expectations.

Breast implants can be inserted:

  • under the gland
  • under the muscle fascia
  • under the pectoral muscle

Points of access can also vary:

  • periareolar (central access from the perimeter of the areola)
  • transareolar (central access from inside the areola)
  • inframammary
  • axillary

One of the most frequently used techniques is the Dual Plane, which consists of inserting the implants so that they are covered from above by the pectoralis major muscle, and from below by the mammary gland.

Hospitalization does not normally exceed a few hours, and the patient can go home without requiring drainage or special post-operative medication. A short period of rest is always advisable, and based on the patient’s physical condition. Sports activity can be resumed after approximately three weeks.

With regard to the high demand for corrections of previously performed mastoplasty operations, the latest findings in this field enable the replacement of outdated prostheses with a synthesis of one’s own adipose tissue, treated with Lipogems® System.

Results of breast augmentations

The aesthetic effect of breast augmentation is visible from the first day. But it is after about three weeks that you can fully appreciate the definitive improvement in your appearance. Wearing a temporary elastic support band helps your new breast settle quickly, and maintain its ideal position and shape.

The sutures are designed for each case with a mix of absorbable and non-absorbable threads. Scars after breast augmentation are an unpredictable variable, because they depend not only on surgical expertise but also on the patient’s individual genetic predisposition, skin elasticity, age and allergies to stitches. Again, the Lipogems® system is of great help.

«Placing the prostheses below the pectoral muscles is very important for a long-term natural result. The use of lipofilling with stem cells is, in my opinion, advisable today only for touch-ups or to improve a contracture of the capsule. Sagging breasts cannot be resolved with implants, but require a mastopexy first.»

Prof. Carlo Tremolada

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Anyone who feels they have small, reduced in volume or tone, or asymmetrical breasts can undergo breast augmentation surgery.


The surgery can be performed from the age of 18.


Local anesthesia with sedation, general anesthesia (rarely).

Recommended post-surgery treatments

Liposound (Cavitation): 5 sessions of lymphatic drainage and connective tissue massage.


Breast augmentation surgery lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, but the patient must stay in the clinic for 4 to 6 hours.

Post-surgery visits

The next day, and one week after surgery.

Social return

2 days.


Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs breast augmentation surgery in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of breast augmentation at our center. The material related to previously treated cases allows you to evaluate examples of results according to the different needs.


The cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on many variables and is tailored for each patient. View the prices page or fill out the form below to request further information.
The Clinic prepares personalized estimates.


What can't you do after breast augmentation surgery?

In the first days following the procedure, physical activity in general should be avoided. You should resume mild physical activity (exercise bike and stepper/elliptical trainer) after a couple of weeks, leaving out, however, the exercises involving the arms and chest, which can be resumed when fully recovered. Treadmills or running are also not recommended. In all cases, the doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed.

It is possible to feel muscle pain for at least 4/5 days. However, this discomfort can be avoided with appropriately prescribed painkillers. There is usually no bruising, just a slight swelling for about a week.

A non-wired compression bra is highly recommended, preferably with a front fastening.

In most cases, the asymmetries are short term and disappear when fully settled. If they persist, it is still possible to re-operate after healing, without discomfort for the patient.

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