Décolleté Rejuvenation

What it solves


Solar lentigo


Lack of tone (atony)

The décolleté, like the face and hands, is one of the areas most exposed to light and sunlight. For this reason, it is often prone to spots, discolorations and signs of aging that create discomfort.
However, thanks to the new technologies that Image Regenerative Clinic always uses – but also to the Lipogems® regenerative patent – these problems can now be treated with more than satisfactory, sometimes even unexpected, results.

Treatments for the rejuvenation of the décolleté

Just like for the rejuvenation of the hands, there are also numerous procedures for the décolleté to counteract skin aging, whether it is due to the passage of time or to the effects of the sun’s rays.

Once again, resurfacing carried out with lasers, in particular Fraxel and fractionated CO2, proves to be very effective against spots, discolorations and skin roughness. The result is a visible improvement to the skin, which will appear brighter, more uniform in color, more compact and younger looking, especially in association with peelings and skin boosters.

Décolleté rejuvenation with Lipogems®

Yet another confirmation of the regenerative efficacy of Lipogems® are the results in the rejuvenation of the décolleté, especially in cases where this is particularly emptied and thinned.
The autologous fat, taken through thin cannulas, micro-fractured and re-infiltrated in the area to be treated, triggers a process of immediate and progressive regeneration of the skin over time.
The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, lasts about 60 minutes, and allows for immediate return to social life.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

The treatments to improve the appearance of the décolleté are ideal for anyone who wants to counteract the signs of photo-chronoaging around the chest, neck and throat area.


After forties, but, if necessary, at any age in case of spots, discolorations and roughness.

Duration of the treatment

Depending on the chosen procedure.


Lasers, peelings, skin boosters, Lipogems®.

Social return



Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs décolleté rejuvenation in Milan.


It is possible to view before and after photos of décolleté rejuvenation at the Image Regenerative Clinic.


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