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Sclerotherapy and sclerosant injections

Sclerotherapy is, without doubt, the most used technique to eliminate the problem of dilated capillaries, ranging in color from bright red to dark blue/green which, although connected to the venous system, do not play any essential functional role. This method uses substances that induce an irritant reaction in the vascular wall, causing a subsequent inflammatory reaction and thus obstructing the treated vessel. As such, the blood flow is interrupted, the vessel empties and gradually clears up, before becoming invisible.

What are the capillaries

Capillaries are small blood vessels that occur throughout the body, and branch off from both arteries and veins. Cylindrical in shape and microscopic in size, they were so named by the anatomist Marcello Malpighi, who was the first to identify them in the 17th century and named them in this way in reference to their capillary branch.

They can be visible to the naked eye in very light and thin skins, becoming a blemish, especially on the face.

What are telangiectasias

Commonly known as “spider veins” telangiectasias are harmless dilations of small blood vessels, including the capillaries themselves, which visible through the skin, especially on the face and legs. They appear as a superficial sinuous arborescence, with a bluish-red color, often resulting from inflammatory skin disorders: it is no coincidence that they are associated with dermatoses and other pathologies. However, waxing and depilation, shaving, compression and repeated rubbing of clothing or footwear, climatic conditions, genetic factors, irritating foods, drug intake (including the contraceptive pill), as well as the normal physiological aging process, can also be relevant.

Furthermore, many microcirculation alterations are simply caused by pressure – and this is why capillaries are often visible on the legs and feet, precisely where the pressure is higher, for obvious reasons related to upright posture.

How to eliminate telangiectasia

The first step to getting rid of skin telangiectasias, visible capillaries and consequent skin redness is to identify the actual cause, a fundamental step in directing the appropriate therapy. It is unlikely to be a single treatment: in most cases it will be a protocol that associates pharmacological therapy by mouth, and a topical one with the use of specific technologies, such as the laser for spider veins.

Laser for telangiectasia

Laser is the most important and effective technology for resolving imperfections due to capillaries, telangiectasia on the legs and face and related redness. There are several specific devices, the most important of which is the 1064 Long Pulsed (or LP) vascular laser, which has a specific selectivity for oxyhemoglobin. Another instrument widely used and very suitable for eliminating the condition is the Pulsed Light (IPL) with particular filters, effective above all for vascular photorejuvenation (therefore for couperose), rosacea and phase 2 of inflammatory acne. These two lasers can be used individually or associated with a pigmentary photorejuvenation such as Skin Rejuvenation (against skin spots and hyperpigmentation), and with specific treatments against inflammation and redness, for example Hydrafacial with Oxygen or with an anti-redness LED mask, or even ozone mesotherapy in the affected area.

For erasing peripheral capillaries on the legs, the lead role again goes to the 1064 Long Pulsed vascular laser. But if the differential diagnosis implies the evaluation of the trunk major vessels, which are very often deficient, a possible synergy with the T.R.A.P. regenerative phlebotherapy should be evaluated for reinforcing larger caliber veins.

In summary

The most suitable treatments

Lasers give the best results against capillaries and spider veins. In particular, 1064 Long Pulsed (or LP) vascular laser, the Pulsed Light (IPL) with particular filters, used individually or associated with other procedures such as pigmentary photorejuvenation, Skin Rejuvenation, and some specific advanced aesthetic treatments for skin inflammation: Hydrafacial with Oxygen or with an anti-redness led mask.


When capillaries begin to appear.

Duration of the treatment

Depending on the chosen procedure.


Laser, advanced aesthetics.

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