Lipogems® pain therapy

What is pain therapy?

Pain therapy is a medical discipline that deals with all patients suffering from chronic pain, regardless of the cause that generated it, for example back, spine or joint pain, neuralgia, etc. Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, is no longer a symptom, but a real disease in which the initial cause can no longer be resolved.


Chronic pain is often supported by chronic inflammation (that can no longer be resolved pharmacologically). Pain therapy is aimed at using new techniques to control this inflammation or modulate the pain signal until it is completely controlled.
The experience of the Image Regenerative Clinic team helps to plan the right healing path, promptly addressing the problem. Image is the only private center in Milan for the management of pain therapy in a multidisciplinary and personalized way.

Who is the pain therapist?

A pain therapist is a physician specializing in anesthesia, resuscitation, and pain therapy with specific expertise in managing chronic pain. Their task is to understand the mechanisms that generate pain in order to control this disease with drugs and minimally invasive treatments.

Regenerative medicine with Lipogems® in pain therapy

Chronic pain is sustained by an inflammatory pathology that can no longer be resolved. Furthermore, the above-mentioned inflammatory pathology at the joint level also causes a worsening of the joint lesions. Unfortunately, the available drugs are not able to control this problem and, moreover, their use for long periods can cause serious clinical conditions and side effects.

The use of the innovative Lipogems regenerative technique helps resolve chronic inflammation and repair joint damage, thanks to autologous adipose tissue infiltrations aimed at the joints and facet joints.

The result is an overall improvement in joint function.

Image center is at the forefront in the management of chronic pain through the use of Lipogems by associating a specialist pain therapy follow-up, able to frame even the most difficult painful pathologies.

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