Body macro fillers

Macromolecular fillers for remodeling buttocks, décolleté, calves and other areas.

Macro fillers are also known as silhouette fillers. In fact, they can reshape buttocks, breasts, calves and any other area where restoring the right volumes is needed. These fillers are biocompatible, only denser than those used for the face: they are exclusive formulas based on hyaluronic acid to be administered by injection.

The results are immediately visible.

An alternative to surgery

Treatment with these special gels represents a non-surgical alternative, and can be performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia.
No recovery time is required, so the patient can resume normal work and other activities straight after the procedure. Immediate and natural results are guaranteed. To maintain them, or to increase volume further, the treatment should be repeated every 6/12 months, decreasing the frequency over time until a semi-permanent increase is obtained.


  • The treatment is minimally invasive
  • It is done under local anesthesia
  • No recovery time is required
  • The results are long lasting
  • The material is biocompatible, respects the physiological cycle of skin regeneration, and is completely reabsorbable (but part of the volume remains in the form of natural fibrosis)
  • Instant and secure

Body fillers and Lipogems

For greater effectiveness, specific body fillers can be combined with Lipogems.
Lipogems® technique can be used to remodel the shape of the hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs, removing excess fat and re-injecting it where the volumes have been lost, to create new harmonic curves. The result will be extremely natural, with a significant improvement in skin texture, and greatly increased stability over time.

Treated areas

The areas that can be treated with body fillers are: buttocks, décolleté, calves and any other part of where it is necessary to increase volumes.

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